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Silly Season, Part IV

Monday was another day with a cavalcade of bills streaming through the House of Representatives.

While you were watching the bailout (just at the moment I’m posting this, the House is debating the rule that would govern its debate on the Senate-passed bailout bill), or perhaps noting the beginning of the new fiscal year without a budget for most federal agencies, Congress was passing bills on half the things under the sun.

[Previous posts in this series: Silly Season on Capitol Hill; Silly Season, Part Deux; and Silly Season, Part C.]

Here are some of the bills that saw action on the House floor Monday:

H.R. 3399
To prohibit the use, production, sale, importation, or exportation of any pesticide containing atrazine

S. 2304
The Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime Reduction Reauthorization and Improvement Act of 2007

Costs: $4.58 per family

S. 3296
A bill to extend the authority of the United States Supreme Court Police to protect court officials off the Supreme Court Grounds and change the title of the Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice

Costs: $0.00

S. 3598
The Drug Trafficking Vessel Interdiction Act of 2008

S. 3536
The Air Carriage of International Mail Act

H.R. 6669
To provide that claims of the United States to certain documents relating to Franklin Delano Roosevelt shall be treated as waived and relinquished in certain circumstances

H.R. 6600
The Medicare Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2008

H.R. 7222
To extend the Andean Trade Preference Act, and for other purposes

H.R. 7198
The Stephanie Tubbs Jones Gift of Life Medal Act of 2008

H.R. 7217
To amend title 40, United States Code, to enhance authorities with regard to real property that has yet to be reported excess, and for other purposes

H.R. 7216
To amend section 3328 of title 5, United States Code, relating to Selective Service registration

H.R. 6098
The Personnel Reimbursement for Intelligence Cooperation and Enhancement of Homeland Security Act

Costs: $0.00 per family

H.R. 6849
To amend the commodity provisions of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 to permit producers to aggregate base acres and reconstitute farms to avoid the prohibition on receiving direct payments, counter-cyclical payments, or average crop revenue election payments when the sum of the base acres of a farm is 10 acres or less, and for other purposes

Costs: $0.01 per family

S. 1276
The Methamphetamine Production Prevention Act of 2007

Costs: $0.00 per family

S. 1492
The Broadband Data Improvement Act

Costs: $1.95 per family

S. 2382
The FEMA Accountability Act of 2007

Costs: $0.00

H.R. 7017
To amend Public Law 100-573 to extend the authorization of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Citizen Advisory Commission

H.R. 5350
To authorize the Secretary of Commerce to sell or exchange certain National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration property located in Norfolk, Virginia, and for other purposes

Costs: $0.00 per family

S. 1582
The Hydrographic Services Improvement Act Amendments of 2007

Costs: $7.69 per family

H.R. 5618
The National Sea Grant College Program Amendments Act of 2008

Costs $2.84 per family

S. 1193
The Albuquerque Indian School Act

Costs: $0.00 per family

H.R. 2963
The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians Land Transfer Act of 2007

S. 3128
The White Mountain Apache Tribe Rural Water System Loan Authorization Act

H.R. 7175
The Small Business Financing Improvements Act of 2008

S. 906
The Mercury Market Minimization Act of 2007

Costs: $0.04 per family

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