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Is There Sewage Sludge in Your Food?

A commenter on one bill says:

I’m shocked that no one seems interested in this bill. It has been introduce [sic] several times and has never made it passed subcommittees. If the public were even vaguely informed they would cringe at the idea of eating food grown on fields fertilized with sewage sludge.

The bill is H.R. 215, the Sewage Sludge in Food Production Consumer Notification Act. It was introduced on the first day or so of the current Congress back in January 2007, and nothing has happened with it since.

The bill would treat food as adulterated if it was produced or raised on land on which sewage sludge had been applied (or if animal feed was produced on this sewage-land) unless there was notice to consumers of the food-sludge connection.

Now, I have no clue about whether sewage sludge is bad for production of food. I’ve eaten a lot of stuff that was grown in compost and bugs and worms and their poo and stuff, and that’s not bad for you. But what the heck – as our friendly commenter said, people should at least be interested in this bill! I mean, we’re talking sewage sludge and food! If you’re not even interested, you must be some kind of sewage-eating freak!

So what do you think? Here’s the current vote on H.R. 215, the Sewage Sludge in Food Production Consumer Notification Act. Click to vote, comment, vomit, learn more, or edit the wiki article about the bill.

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