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Tony Sifford Likes This Energy Bill

Yeah, I had never heard of him either, but the American Trucking Associations today announced its support for H.R. 6709, the National Conservation, Environment, and Energy Independence Act – and they brought along professional truck driver Tony Sifford!

Tony is a driver for FedEx Ground out of Hillsville, Virginia, and he’s involved in various good causes around trucking (most of which appear to be sponsored by the ATA). Tony looks like a nice guy.

And he joined Rep. Nick Lampson (D-Texas) at ATA’s National Truck Driving Championships in Houston, Texas – now that’s a good time! – to say good things about the bill.

According to the ATA, it calls for domestic oil drilling, tax incentives, and alternative energy research to bring down the price of fuel.

Tony Sifford is for it. How could you not be?

It’s an interesting commentary on policymaking that having a truck driver endorse a bill is supposed to tell us that the bill is good. I look to truck drivers for knowing how to drive a rig, where to get good grub on the road, and the trucking business, but – no disrespect to all the solid, professional truck drivers – I have no idea what this truck driver can contribute to our knowledge of the economics, science, or business of energy. (Though I might hear it from all the drivers debating the proposed TRUCC Act.)

Here’s the current vote on H.R. 6709, the National Conservation, Environment, and Energy Independence Act. Click to vote, comment, learn more, or edit the wiki article about the bill.

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Tony was a great guy. I went to high school with Tony. Sadly Tony was killed in and accident 9/24/08.

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