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The TWIC Card – Killing Summer Jobs for Kids?

“TWIC” stands for Transportation Worker Identification Credential. The TWIC card is a federal program that’s been floating around for a few years now.

Post-9/11, someone decided that if we knew who all the transportation workers were, our transportation would be more secure. That’s true in a small way, but it wouldn’t stop terrorists, it treats all transportation workers a little bit like criminals, and it represents huge bureaucratic hassles for small business people in particular.

How does all that come home to roost? Savannah Price tells us in the comments to S. 3377, the Small Marine Business and Fishing Guide Relief Act of 2008:

My Name is Savannnah Price I am 16 years old and i am a deckhand on a small charter boat in Juneau Alaska. My captain says if he must acept the TWIC card he will no longer be in the charter buisness. It would hurt me and a lot of our trust worthy clients if we were no longer in buiness. I know i am only 16 but it should say something when a 16 year belives in something she is very postionate about and someone is going to ruin that with a simple card. I dont see why we have to fix something that is not broken, we are doing fine know we dont NEED the TWIC card. Let us spend our time worrying about other things. Thank you for taking the time to read this i hopr you take my opinion into consideration. It would mean the world to a lot of people.

(It’s times like these when you get a little bit proud for running a Web site like this because you’re doing a little bit to get young people like Savannah participating in our democracy.)

S. 3377 is designed to relieve certain small business merchant mariners from some of the TWIC card obligations. Makes sense in Juneau, Alaska, which is probably not a terrorist target. And it might be that relief like this should be extended more broadly.

Here’s the current vote on S. 3377, the Small Marine Business and Fishing Guide Relief Act of 2008. Click to vote, comment, learn more, or edit the wiki article about the bill.

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Joe in Miami

Unfortunately – I have to agree with the bill. We are going to have to make sacrifices in order to improve the security for everyone.

William Crawford

Honokohau Harbor in Kailua,Kona Hawaii is a Public Harbor with 2 Gas Stations,2 Sundry Stores,A Haul Out Yard,Boat Storage Yard,2 Launch Ramps(5000 Trailer boats use)220 Slips Half are Private and the other 110 are Commericial.Theres a Bare Boat Charter busness where anyone with a Credit Card or $300.oo can rent a 20ft boat and Go Anywhere.The only ones with TWIC Cards are the Licensed Captains with Million Dollar Ins.Busness Permits,Commericial Permits,U.S.C.G.Licenses(37years).
In Honokohau Harbor theres No Way we will Ever Use the TWIC Card Except to save our U.S.C.G.License once a year during Boardings.Back S-3377 and Write Your Senators…Thank You Captain Bill Crawford Kona Hawaii..

William Crawford

Joe,How is 1/100th of 1% of the population going to make Honokohau Harbor More SECURE?When the rest of the Population can Come and Go as they Please??Here in Hookohau Harbor it’s OPEN to the PUBLIC.Crack Heads and Drug Dealers use the Public Telephones and Homeless Sleep in the Harbor Area!Out of the 200 or so TWIC Cards in Honokohau Harbor 7 have been tried(at the Airport and the only Secure Harbor) and Turned Away for Hawaiian Drivers Licences??We here in Kona,Hawaii will NEVER USE the TWIC Cards Except to Save our livlyhoods U.S.C.G.Licence of 37 Years.theres 50,000 Years of Documented Sea Time in Honokohau Harbor THAT Means NOTHING!After Years of Doing Everything the U.S.C.G. has asked of us..We have all the Safty Equipment and continue to buy things we NEVER USE.Theres NO U.S.C.G.Presence in Kona and the Charter Boats do All the Rescues and Have Saved Lives over the Years and Countless Tow Rescues.Your telling Me that Having a TWIC Card in the Viser of my Truck will make us Safer??Public and Private Harbors should have NEVER Been Involved in this TWIC Madness! It’s for Profit Only and has NO Security Benfits at ALL!!Thank You Captain Bill Crawford Kona,Hawaii….

William Crawford

Well as I said back in November we will NEVER USE the TWIC Card and we Haven’t!!Theres 200 TWIC’S in Honokohau Harbor and NOT ONE has been Used by any Captain for any reason.Theres two things that I don’t understand? 1.Why our Goverment would do something like this to us,and 2.why there wasn’t a larger outcry buy the Licenced Captains across this Country.Every five years we’re going to GIVE our Goverment $132.50 and go through all that Hassel for something we will NEVER USE??And Beleive me there will be more comming across the table because we’re easy targets and don’t complain.Whats Next?? Captain Bill Crawford Kona,Hawaii

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