Continuous Active Sonar for Torpedo Detection, Classification and Localization (DCL) Systems

This earmark request is for the 2010 fiscal year.

Sen. Christopher Dodd (CT) requests $5,000,000 for:
Alion Science and Technology

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In response to the priority need for advanced torpedo defense, and as a result of a series of highly successful demonstrations as part of NAVSEA PMS415's FY07 Torpedo Detection Classification and Localization (TDCL) Demo, the U.S. Navy is moving forward establishing the Anti-torpedo torpedo defensive system (ATTDS) program. Central to the success of the prior TDCL Demo was the application of active sonar technology developed by Alion Science and Technology to PMS415'a TDCL Demo System. This system produced the most successful in water DCL system test results to date. This project would leverage these proven technologies and, once combined, have the potential to enable previously unachievable self-defense capability against high threat torpedoes.

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