Dine Power Authority of the Navajo Nation Renewable Energy and Transmission Study
$100,000 (1 comment ↓)

This earmark request is for the 2010 fiscal year.

Sen. Jeff Bingaman (NM) requests $100,000 for:
Dine Power Authority
P.O. Box 3239
Window Rock, AZ 86515

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Dine Power Authority of the Navajo Nation Renewable Energy and Transmission Study
Project Recipient Name, Phone Number, Address:
Dine Power Authority P.O. Box 3239
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Project Location (if different from above): Study would address renewable energy development and transmission capabilities for the Navajo Nation, as well as for New Mexico.
Project Purpose: (three sentences or less): This funding would be used by the Dine Power Authority to study transmission issues in three areas: first, identification of sites along existing transmission infrastructure within the Navajo Nation suitable for large- scale renewable energy projects; second, analysis of extension of the Navajo Transmission Project (Nrrp) line into other areas of New Mexico, including eastern New Mexico to provide a transmission pathway for large-scale renewable enemy projects in those areas; and third, an interconnection study to analyze the NTP's potential to provide a pathway across New Mexico for existing and future energy generation out of Texas and other areas east of New Mexico.
Project Benefit to the Taxpayer: (three sentence or less). This project would provide the necessary information for the development of transmission for renewable energy projects using both existing transmission lines, and the Navajo Transmission Project, a large-scale transmission project that is in advanced stages of permitting. Funding is authorized through: PUBLIC LAW 109-58, Sec. 505
(a) TRANSMISSION LINE PROJECT.--The Dine Power Authority, an enterprise of the Navajo Nation, shall be eligible to receive grants and other assistance under section 217 of the Department of Energy Organization Act, as added by section 502, and section
2602 of the Energy Policy Act of 1992, as amended by this Act, for activities associated with the development of a transmission line from the Four Corners Area to southern Nevada, including related power generation opportunities.
Agency (examples: Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Energy, etc): DOE Program Account Name and sub account if applicable: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
FY 2008 Funding Level ($ in Thousands): In FY 2008, the Dine Power Authority received an earmark for approximately $493,000 (four hundred ninety three thousand dollars) for renewable development in general, but not for a renewable energy development transmission study in particular.
FY 2009 Funding Level ($ in Thousands): 0
Member's FY 2010 Funding Request ($ in Thousands): $100

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