Lightweight, Armored, Hybrid, Power Generating Tactical Vehicle

This earmark request is for the 2010 fiscal year.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT) requests $6,300,000 for:
Klune Industries
1800 N. 300 West
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

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The TAC-V JA.M:MA family ofvehicles will fulfill DoD requirements and serve as a capability and survivability enhancing force multiplier, with optional hybrid electric driveline with eA'P0rtable power, and, with modular adaptability for an extremely wide nnge of missions for special operations and frontline combat troops, and, without degtading the performance ofinsertion/extraction ai.rc.taft by burdening them with exterior slingloads.
The additional congressional funding requested will allow futther testing, validation and refinement of the TAC-V JAMMA family of vehicles to allow and ensure a rapid transition from R&D to cost effective production.
Klune Industries, a privately owned company with a long history in defense programs and manufacturing. researched the best proven technologies from offroad taciDg, rock crawling and the most technologically advanced automotive technologies, and cott.lbined those with cutting edge hybrid technologies, and created the modularly adaptable, high performance, anno! ready, purpose built TAC-VJAMM:A family ofvehicles to meet or exceed the V-22 lTVJORD requirements. Recognizing the capability and survivability enhancement possibilities that the JA.M1v1A family ofvehicles offers DoD, the US M.rny National Automotive Center (NAC) atTARDEC contracted $500,000 and the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) contracted $580,000, from their respective budgets, to Klune Industries for the purpose of expediting the capability demonstration of theJAM'MA V-22 ITV. This JAMMA variant has now perfonned successful capability demonstrations for the NAC at TARDEC, fat USMC progratn m.anagets, and for AFSO

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