Cranberry/Blueberry Pest Control, MA
$160,000 (2 comments ↓)

This earmark request is for the 2010 fiscal year.

Rep. Barney Frank (MA-4) requests $160,000 for:
University of Massachusetts Cranberry Station
One State Bog Road
Wareham, MA 02538

This earmark is in the following appropriations bill(s):

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Explanation of project, including purpose and why this is an appropriate use of taxpayer funds: this is a valuable use of tax payer funds because this research, which has been conducted at the University's branch located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and at its Wareham, Massachusetts cranberry station, has focused on pest and weed control, which have impacted crop production. This has been an issue of particular concern as pesticides that were previously prevalent are now being phased out or becoming less effective. Massachusetts is the oldest cranberry cultivating area in the U.S., and its bogs generally have lower yields and higher production costs than those in other cranberry regions. In order for Massachusetts bogs to remain competitive it is important for them to be able to control weeds and pests. The research that has been funded in previous appropriations bills has led to the development of new practices that are enabling Massachusetts growers to improve productivity while effectively controlling pests in a more environmentally sensitive manner.

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