H.R. 6134, To provide for a 10 percent reduction in pay for Members of Congress; to make Federal civilian employees subject to a period of mandatory unpaid leave, and to reduce appropriations for salaries and expenses for offices of the legislative branch, during fiscal year 2011; and for other purposes (50 comments ↓)

H.R. 6134 would provide for a 10 percent reduction in pay for Members of Congress; to make Federal civilian employees subject to a period of mandatory unpaid leave, and to reduce appropriations for salaries and expenses for offices of the legislative branch, during fiscal year 2011; and for other purposes.

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Cut Their Pay?

H.R. 6134 is works toward balancing the budget—by reducing federal workers’ pay. The bill would cut the pay of Members of Congress by 10 percent, put federal employees on periods of mandatory unpaid leave, and reduce salaries and office exp...

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Pete K

September 22, 2010, 9:44am (report abuse)

Should be done, just out of principal - not to mention that for some of us, these people are overpaid to begin with - by the way, include all members of the administration and senate as well.


September 22, 2010, 12:49pm (report abuse)

As a federal employee, I take offense to the notion that I am overpaid and should be required to take 10 days of leave without pay. With the increase to taxes with Obamacare and the tax break for married couples set to expire, how am I to feed my family and keep a roof over our heads when I have 10 days of no pay? Our elected officials make 10 times what I do. Let them take the full cut. And while they're at it cut their health benefits and their retirement pay too! That's where the real government pork is.


September 22, 2010, 2:41pm (report abuse)

do not believe federal workers should suffer for the economy. If that was the case why shouldn't private workers have unpaid vacation leave. We work 50 weeks a year. Why shouldn't we have 2 weeks paid just like every worker

One of Them

September 22, 2010, 9:03pm (report abuse)

This would demoralize federal employees. It is illogical to punish federal employees for the economy. We are not rich, contrary to public opinion. A fed pay cut will not create jobs for the private sector.


September 22, 2010, 9:59pm (report abuse)

If you read the bill, it singles out legislative, executive branches of the government, not all Federal employees....read the bill and vote! Don't read sound bites and jump to conclusions

Fed Employee

September 23, 2010, 7:33am (report abuse)

Many if not most Federal Employees work for the Executive Branch. Dept of Defense, Commerce, Justice, Labor ECT. It,s NOT just the President and Vice President. You are correct about not jumping to conclusions.


September 23, 2010, 10:42am (report abuse)

For years all we heard was that Federal salaries weren't keeping up with the private sector. Now all of a sudden the Govt employee is overpaid. I manage a contractor performing what was once government duties. Believe me, I don't make the money that the contractor employees make. This is just outrageous.


September 23, 2010, 10:44am (report abuse)

A terrific idea! Compared to private sector employees, studies show that federal employees are better paid, have better benefits, better retirements, and virtually no risk of being fired or laid off. This is even more true of representatives and senators. It's about time for all of them to face realty.


September 23, 2010, 1:44pm (report abuse)



September 23, 2010, 3:10pm (report abuse)

some of the bill sounds good, I would add give the senate and congress a month off no pay, and limit the president to one vacation a year. Fed employees are not getting rich and most I know work their butts off for what they get. All those who agree with the 2 weeks off will be the 1st to bitch when they apply for something and it takes a while to get it because everybody is on furlough.


September 23, 2010, 10:12pm (report abuse)

It's a shame Congress and the rest of the Federal employees don't take it upon themselves to insist on at least a 10% cut in pay. They are like addicts with a really good cheap source for their habit. Try getting a risk free job not supported by the easy come easy go tax dollar.


September 24, 2010, 12:24am (report abuse)

All government employee's at all levels of government are underworked thus overpaid. I have been a local, state, county and federal employee and I know first hand that there is a sense of entitlement in all of the positions I held which were entry level positions.

10% is not enough but a good start.


September 24, 2010, 7:27am (report abuse)

I believe we need to start at the Pentagon first. Too many Generals and Admirals. Too much unnecessary training that includes EEO and Sexual Harrasment BS! The ones that complain about the average federal workers are probably tatooed up, paying child, support, living on welfare, are drugged up or drunk and are wondering WHY they cannot get a job. Add that tatoo on your neck. I'm sure that will get you a quicker interview for a federal job.. I do not want to hear it. I joined the service to pay for college and it helped me obtain my federal job. Anyone can do the same (if you want to!). You have to get off the chair and stop playing video games and read the paper. See what is going on and view to help change things, rather than bitching about them.


September 24, 2010, 9:14am (report abuse)

@JS: Feel sorry for you, but guess what? The rest of the country has been taking days off without pay a lot more than you federal employees ever have! Its called the economy, and you people act like it doesn't exist and should never affect you. You shouldn't be surprised (or offended, as you say) when "the rest of us" feel like maybe its your turn for some of the joy we're feeling.


September 24, 2010, 10:11am (report abuse)

To sjdude,

I felt that pain years ago, that's why I applied for a government job! Until we invest into the infrastructure in this country such as the bridges, railroads, new water dams, new resevoirs, better roads, new underground lines and pipes, and overhead rail lines, we will never get off this road to becoming a third world country. If you think the Republicans have the answers, you haven't seen nothing yet. I voted for Obama and now believe I made a mistake, but I admit it. We need a maverick third party who throws out all lobbyists....


September 24, 2010, 10:37am (report abuse)

@www: Great, you got a government job. That means you are another body collecting money and producing nothing that makes a profit. You, and the rest of the government employees, are a net drain on the rest of us trying to be "productive". Last I read, 40% of all people employed today are directly or indirectly employed by tax money. So half of us are productive and the other half sit and collect it. And you people wonder why we are headed to third world status? No wonder you work for the government: you are clueless.


September 24, 2010, 10:47am (report abuse)

To sjdude,

I forgot to mention that I am retired Army as well(both active and reserve), so this government job you say is useless is actually my second pension. By the way, when I was in Iraq, I didn't see you! Were you at home in your easy chair playing video games?


September 24, 2010, 1:59pm (report abuse)

@sjude: I take offense to your comments as I am a civilian federal employee and let me tell you that the branch of the gov't I work for most certaintly does make a profit. We collected over 23.5 billion dollars in duty last year. My branch is 2nd behind the IRS in providing this country with money. My office is severely UNDER staffed, we work 10 hour days, and I mean work, we do not sit around eating bon bons all day. I in no way act like the economy doesnt exist. For those of you that think that we have great benefits and make mad bank, you are sorely mistaken. If you compared the average GS pay scale to those in the private sector you would see that our numbers do not compare. We are not Congress, we do not make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. So yes, maybe those of us that could be affected are upset, but you would be too. If you are one of the many people who are forced to take a furlough, I can imagine that you were not happy about it. So who are you to preach?


September 25, 2010, 9:49am (report abuse)

How about they just quit spending money that they don't have? Holy cow! A balanced budget! What a novel approach. Not that the fools will actually do it.


September 25, 2010, 1:10pm (report abuse)

To all those that think the federal employee "has it made". Most, if not all, federal employees have a sense of gratitude to this great country and are therefore dedicated to serving it the best way we know. I am an honorably retired member of this nation's armed forces. I and many others who sacrificed their time, and unfortunately their lives are the reason people like you have the freedom to think the way you do, and make the stupid comments you routinely make. And to JamesDonCard, I take issue with your statement that all govt workers are under worked and overpaid. Perhaps you were one of the workers that didn't work up to the standards that govt employment requires. Do some investigative research before you open your mouth next time!


September 26, 2010, 8:51pm (report abuse)

I am a civillian vederal employee and a service connected disabled veteran. I am employed as a professional with many years experience in my field and am a hard worker. I am in the field of finance and have examined the studies very closely. I can say with out reservation that in my field, the pay is close to that in the private sector. The benefits are also very close also. I may not be producing anything, but the office I am employed by provides for the infrastructer on which the private sector moves goods and provides services. Some things, the government is responsible for providing. I believe roads and bridges are one of them. If I am required to take furlogh days, then I will look to the private sector for employment. How about that supply and demand. If anyone thought that it would be easier to fire all of the federal employees they wish, then they would in turn be in competition with them for jobs in the private sector. The government should help the private sector.


September 27, 2010, 9:22am (report abuse)

This is just another cross-burning on the lawn of the republic by the demagogues of the right wing. Their explicit agenda is to drown the government in the bathtub so property rights (read: wealth) subsume human rights/human life. What better way to do it than to de-incentivize anyone's penchant for going into public service? Do we expect our officials to fight for our rights for free?--and, by the way, let's call them names and rake their private lives over the coals while we're at it? What pathetic lows can we reach I wonder.


(logged-in user) September 27, 2010, 11:32am (report abuse)

Pete K.

I agree that Congress could get by with at least a 10% cut.

Congress, by the way, includes the U. S. Senate. The Constitution of the United States says in Art I, Section 1. All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

One thing that should be changed is that Congress should be made TO VOTE FOR their raises. As the bill was passed it stated that they would have to VOTE the raise DOWN. If they do not vote it down, then the raise is automatic. When it comes time to vote, they just all walk out, and BINGO - they just got their raise.


A. Kellogg

September 27, 2010, 4:21pm (report abuse)

IF you read the bill, it is limited to the executive branch and congress. Many of those working in these areas can afford to take pay cuts and mandatory leave.

The concept of mandatory leave as a money saver is not a foreign concept to the private sector. Sometimes I think the government could learn a lot from the private sector on money management.


September 27, 2010, 8:59pm (report abuse)

It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye! The federal employees know were all the waste is. However, until they clearly understand whose ox will be gored, mums the word. I say a pay cut of 20% unless the federal employee "suggestion box" fills up with actionable suggestions as to how to cut back the Federal budget 20%.


September 27, 2010, 9:10pm (report abuse)

This may be slightly off topic, but does relate to compensation and spending. I do not see why Congress members should get a pension plan. No one should be in congress long enough to qualify for a pension. Doing the "peoples business" is a job, not a careeer. Incenting it as if it IS a career is wrong.

me me me

September 28, 2010, 1:30am (report abuse)

The executive brance has many departments including: Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Justice,Department of Labor, Department of State, Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as others.

So technically it is a massive pay cut to millions of Americans, Including the Military.

See a list of the agencies here http://www.usa.gov/Agencies/Federal/Executive.shtml

Hurting individual spending to balance the budget is a bad idea that equals hundreds of millions not going into the economy.

I am a federal employee, so I am aginst the paycut, and time off.

For those of you for it imagine that you need a service and it is one of the manditory days off, you will be angry about the wait for service even if it only extends your wait 15 minutes.


September 28, 2010, 1:15pm (report abuse)

The RIF is a GREAT idea, and I feel that it would save millions if not more.

Suggest that Federal Government worldwide to offer an early retirement, starting at ten years of service thru 20 years.

Downgrade the amount of contractors that are working for the Federal Government.



September 28, 2010, 3:47pm (report abuse)

A ten percent reduction in the total number of government employees would not have an adverse effect on government effectiveness. In fact there are those who say it would likely increase both effectiveness and efficiency.

D. Balarin

September 28, 2010, 9:12pm (report abuse)

Cut the pay of the Congressmen and women 10 percent, then give 5% of that towards the Defense Budget and 5% return to the overall deficit.


September 28, 2010, 10:11pm (report abuse)

Ok sjdude.

You hide behind an e-mail code name and make inaccurate and absurd comments. I guess you believe everything you read in todays' newspapers? I challenge you to visit our Audie L. Murphy VA Medical Facility here in San Antonio, TX., and you try to find the '40% and the other half' you cited in your comment, that don't earn their pay. You come, witness, and try to tell us, working and servicing the ever increasing patient load with too few medical and mental health providers who work too many hours and at times take verbal abuse from those needing medical services. Come and stand in our medical centers and then attempt to tell our govt. workers that we don't earn our pay. And remember, some of those patients will be in uniform waiting to be seen. Put up or shut up. Come on out and witness little brave one hiding behind your words. Come and see the lazy govt. employees as you cited. You foolish and yes, very ill-informed sjdude.


September 29, 2010, 12:52pm (report abuse)

To the government employee who is so worried about Obamacare tax increases. He is a idiot. You should be taking God that Obama is President, and trying with no help form the Republicans and very Little from the Democrats to get this nation back on track after 8 years of poor management. You expect Obama to correct the worse economic mess created by Bush and Republicians in less than 2 years.


September 29, 2010, 1:28pm (report abuse)

Problem with all the studies lately is that they don't compare apples to apples. For example they mix low and high paying private and public sector jobs which of course skews the results - numbers can always be skewed to make "your" point. Try comparing technical fields - I took a $20k pay "CUT" when I came back to the Fed. For IT types, the Fed is not a place to make money - the private sector contractors make all the money. Some of us (at least in DOD) do it for the country not to get rich!). As for Congress - I have no problem with cutting their pay as they do not accomplish anything other than to argue and work only towards scoring political points over all else - BOTH parties.


September 29, 2010, 6:42pm (report abuse)

First, the salary and all benefits should be reduced by 20% for ALL Congressmen/women and Senators.

Secondly, all civilians replaced at the pentagon with military men and women. It's over-staffed with RETIRED OFFICERS with excessive salaries. Utilize the military men and women on active duty that's been trained to do the jobs and get rid of the retired officers and the good ole boy system.

Thirdly, reduce new hires for all Federal jobs. Reduce all salaries from all pay grades starting with 2% at the lowest point up to 20% for top management positions.


September 30, 2010, 3:58pm (report abuse)

@JS - don't lie. Your pay may not be as much but you go through the OPM and get the EXACT same benefits package choices when it comes to your health insurance and retirement as members of Congress, so stow it.

Hersceh Atoops

October 3, 2010, 8:49am (report abuse)

Federal employees do very little work daily, they are goof offs. I know I've hired some who left their government jobs. When was the last time the federal agencies got a report correct, never, it always haas to be corrected. It's not federal employement it's federal walfare employement.

Christopher Curley

October 15, 2010, 7:00am (report abuse)

While our senior citizen's,and disabled individuals are,for the 2nd straight year,being denied cost of living raises,I believe it is appropriate for the members of Congress to take this cut.Many of our seniors live off of their Social Security checks,and at times are forced to choose between medications and food.I also belioeve that the bonuses given out this time of year should be fully disclosed.I know myself that 4 fLORIDIAN POLLS HAVE GIVEN A COMBINED 291,000 to staff,WITH Ginny Brown-Waite at 151,000.Gus Bilrakis-72,000,Adam Putnam and Stearns-34,000 each.Ben Nelson,the state senator gave out a total of 0 dollars.Neson is obviously the exception to the rule

Frank Minio

October 15, 2010, 7:17am (report abuse)

I would take EOR a little more seriously when he calls people idiots that dont like Obamas health plan if he did not say he is a idiot,rather than an idiot.Someone calling people idiots should at least know the English language and not appear to be an idiot himself.But I digress,Congress and their staffers should be subject to the 10% cut and that applies to bonuses as well.The Senate would deny senior citizens a cost of living increase,as well as a 250 dollar stipend to help them,but it is business as usual for them.Both parties are guilty but the GOP is especially odious in view of their rhetoric.I also believe you must wait intil you render a verdict.Obama care has not even begun and a real idiot,Sharon Angle of Nevada,stated it is bankrupting us.How this happenimng in light of the fact it has not gone into affect yet is mind numbing.I thought Christine O'Donnel was a moron,but Angle has her whipped

C Curley

October 15, 2010, 7:26am (report abuse)

SJUDE belives that all federal employees are useless bums mooching off of him.How would this completely clueless idiot get his mail,or drive on roads in complete disrepair.What exactly do Wall street employees do for America,besides steal,cheat and rob with wanton greed and avarice.This SJUDE moron thinks a profit is all that contributes to society.I hope when he gets sick,his insurance company claims a pre existing condition was the cause and he gets ripped a new financial a-hole.I have read some idiotic statements here,but congratulations SJUDE,you are the most clueless, idiotic jerk on this entire page.

Harry B.

October 15, 2010, 7:34am (report abuse)

Thanks for the education MartyL,I think everyone in America is taught,at the age of 6, that Congress consists of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.They both deserve pay cuts,and especially mindfull of the baloney they are spewing on the campaign trail.If a friend of mine drove my car into a telephone pole,I would not let him drive my car for a long time again,if ever.How can the people of this nation give the keys back to the thiefs that drove our economy into a pole.

Harry K

October 18, 2010, 12:30pm (report abuse)

I'm a federal employee. I admit that I would accept less pay for the important work that I do. I agree that this proposal would be a relatively painless temporary solution to some budget woes.

fah q

November 18, 2010, 11:48pm (report abuse)

I will remember these comments when they cut staffing at our federal prisons and some inmates escape. I hope you remember them as well when you find out that due to lack of staffing your wife or daughter was just raped and killed by an escaped convict.


(logged-in user) November 27, 2010, 11:34pm (report abuse)

If it is the Senators and Represenatives and thier related staff I'm all for it but not the work a days.

w cad

January 18, 2011, 3:15pm (report abuse)

With the economy as it is, we now have to default, be late in our payments, affect our credit, our health plan, and family to endure a cut in our salaries. They forget we are also middle class citizens, and this will impact our lives in so many ways. Since my husband also works for another federal agency, the effect to our finances and family will be caotic. After working for years more than the 8 hours I am required, it goes without saying the sacrifice most employees go through will not be the same. I am sure, I am not the only one working long hours without pay or compensation, but are silent in this respect.

Justin Bryant

February 10, 2011, 1:41pm (report abuse)

They should do it because it will help Haiti's government and supplement communism!

Andrew Melcher

February 10, 2011, 1:45pm (report abuse)

Herty ouper shatery! De rewty dertu beslaveis. Dasp fewt frogger? Eine bleisch fladdergladden!

to fah q

February 15, 2011, 11:26am (report abuse)

bigger chance of that happening by one that has been given an early out. Far more of them than those that escape. That doesn't even take into account those that never serve a day due to deal making on charges


February 19, 2011, 1:55pm (report abuse)

Start out by immediately cutting the veteran compensation payment levels by 25 percent. There is way too much money being thrown down that rat hole. Too many scammers trying to steal from the system.

Then go back and repeal the last 5 years of added conditions attributed to agent orange. This is an unnecessary drain on the economy. I'm not sure anyone even knows how much money is poured into that hog trough every year.

@w cad

February 20, 2011, 2:18pm (report abuse)

If, and that's a very strong if, your claims of unpaid work hours are even remotely true, only one thing can be said.



February 24, 2011, 2:29pm (report abuse)

Isn't this contrary to the stimilus acts previously put in place? If the economy is weak because consumers aren't spending and the stimulus spent billions of dollars attempting to get consumers to spend more, wouldn't decrease in tax cuts and a Federal employee furlough have the exact opposite effect? Maybe if Congress stopped putting into place contradictory legislation the net sum wouldn't be zero. How about this -- you have a revenue, you set a priority of expenditures and when you reach a point where you have no more money left, you stop spending Mr. Government? Actually balance a budget.

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