S. 9, The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 (180 comments ↓ | 7 wiki edits: view article ↓)

  • This item is from the 110th Congress (2007-2008) and is no longer current. Comments, voting, and wiki editing have been disabled, and the cost/savings estimate has been frozen.
  • This bill, or a similar bill, was reintroduced in the current Congress as S. 1455, The Recovery Enhancement for Addiction Treatment Act.

Another bill, S. 1348, has superceded this one as the lead bill for debate in the Senate. Click here to view S. 1348.

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Bob Shelley

February 1, 2007, 1:45am (report abuse)

So, after all the marches, complaints, studies and the fact that most voters are opposed to open borders and a free ride for criminals... those who knowingly break the law... the Senate will once again allow 10 million law breakers into the US. It is the job of the Congress to protect our borders but all they have done is block any legislation that would do so and award criminals with US citizenship. We are going to be very sorry when the Islamic Fundimentalist Warriors walk across the border and start blowing the US to pieces. Of course congress will point fingers but never admit they caused it by their own incompetence and inability to keep the promise they made to protect the US Consitution. Republicans and Democrats are basically the same now-a-days. Can't trust any of them.

Dena Jimenez

February 17, 2007, 8:56pm (report abuse)

I am just one person but I don't remember opposing immigration reform. So don't speak for me. In fact I pushed for Democrats hoping to get immigration reform. Oh! Don't let name fool you my family is from Creek Indians.

Raj Patel

February 18, 2007, 12:43pm (report abuse)

From the beginning, the foreign-born high skilled immigrants have made significant contributions to virtually every aspect of American society. They helped build an economy that is the envy of the world. They have come to America seeking opportunity, and have left their mark by building businesses, making advances in science, medicine and technology, and enhancing American culture and quality of life. These contributions drive economic growth and job creation, and help keep America competitive.

Thousands of high skilled immigrants are struck in deadly backlog of employment based green card as a result United States is endangering the long-term economic future. More than 350,000 high skilled legal immigrants who are paying taxes, law abiding, highly contributing to economy are struck at final stage of immigration.The 110th Congress must pass CIR 2007 with EB provisions.


February 18, 2007, 6:07pm (report abuse)

i am not aware of the exact text, and i am not sure how much vote politics is being played (11 million votes, wow!). And on top of that 11 million new customers for the attorneys, who must have spent millions to lobby for a bill to support illegal immigrants.

I hope one more amnesty is not on the cards, and i hope some one is thinking of a long term solutions.

But i am a skeptic with no hope in politicians.

Guna Sekhar

February 19, 2007, 9:59am (report abuse)

The legal immigration system in the US is in shambles and there is a screaming need to get it fixed. Any more delays and we would see American companies creating more and more jobs in countries where skilled labor is easily available, instead of choosing the United States. Either we let skilled workers to come here legally and contribute to the economy or we compel corporations to export these jobs out. The choice is clear- SUPPORT THE COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT - and let American jobs stay in America !

Jay Adler

February 19, 2007, 10:28am (report abuse)

The problem with this bill is that it mixes two things: illegan aliens (and their "amnesty") and legal aliens.

The legal immigration system is a MESS in the US right now. Raj Patel (a couple of comments up) hits the nail right on the head. But, in a way, Bob Shelley does too. They are both right - and that is because they are both tackling different provisions of the bill that should not even be on the same bill to begin with.


February 19, 2007, 12:21pm (report abuse)

I will take any action on immigration, positive or negative. Anything! After so much discussion on immigration, any more discussion is almost equivalent to not wanting to do anything.


February 19, 2007, 12:47pm (report abuse)

It's time to fix the legal immigration. Canada, Australia and European countries are doing much better job of attracting legal brains. Where would you like the new Microsoft or Cisco created, that'll create tens of thousands of jobs? US or elsewhere?

John P

February 19, 2007, 12:51pm (report abuse)

I am in favor of a temporary guest program for illegals but not in favor of legal immigration.

We can subsidize our work using cheap labor but legal immigration adds competition and takes off jobs that Americans do want.

If corporations want to export jobs they will do so anyways.

Let's stop issuing more H-1b's and Green cards to legal immigrants.


February 19, 2007, 1:08pm (report abuse)

Skilled workers to come here legally and contribute to the economy. The choice is clear- SUPPORT THE COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT


February 19, 2007, 1:23pm (report abuse)

America has to keep its doors open for best of the brightest to stay ahead and competitive with other countries. People who came here legally, paying taxes and contributing great to the economy should be given a fair chance to become permanent residents by passing CIR.


February 19, 2007, 2:30pm (report abuse)

We do not need another 20+ million illegals destroying our society


February 19, 2007, 2:38pm (report abuse)

It doesn't make sense to bring people on temporary work and student visas, train them for 10-12 years and then send them back. This would in fact make the competition stronger and increase outsourcing. A good system should be in place to keep the brightest here. Most of the high-skilled jobs can't rely on temporary worker visas alone, because building domain knowledge takes years. You can't easily replace a worker having 12 years of experience in a field with one who has only 3 years exp...

Nowadays immigration has become synonymous with illegal immigration. I believe that efforts should be put on for fixing the legal immigration system first before talking about illegal immigration. Hiring a doctor, university professor or high-skilled worker on a permanent visa is taking 8-10 years in several cases, thus hampering competitiveness.


February 19, 2007, 2:40pm (report abuse)

I support skilled immigrants because they contribute to American competitiveness by adding to the process of scientific discovery, technology development, and innovation, which in turn leads to greater productivity growth. Greater productivity growth improves the standard of living for the U.S. population as a whole. Skilled immigrants not only contribute to the innovation process themselves, they also help train our own future innovators, thus ensuring the competitiveness of future generations.

P Smith

February 19, 2007, 2:49pm (report abuse)

I do not support allowing legal immigrants come here and take American jobs. I cannot want somebody take my job in the name of increasing competitiveness.

Most of the educated workers work for large US corporations either in the US or outside the US. In either case they serve the US economy.

We need skilled workers to work from their own countries and let us work from here.


February 19, 2007, 2:56pm (report abuse)

USA needs more and more skilled and highly educated population. I firmly beleive that Employment Based Green Card reform suggested in this bill are in best interest of USA.


February 19, 2007, 3:21pm (report abuse)

Highly skilled immigrants:- Who are they?

- very well qualified

- very hard working

- Law abiding citizens

- Tax paying citizens

- Contributing to US economy to grow and competitive

- growing along with US economy

- setting up successful ventures in US, thus creating more jobs

- who invests and thus helping US economy to grow

- who are very successfull in their field

When they are doing so much good to this economy, why are they getting punished? Why can't the US do something that will make them happy, secured and thus make them concentrate on their work to increase their productivity even further? Won't this make US economy to grow even faster?


February 19, 2007, 3:43pm (report abuse)

What is common in these people? Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, Andrew Carnegie, Ramani Ayer (Chairman and CEO of Hartford, a $18 billion company), Alain Belda (Chairman and CEO of Alcoa, a $21.5 billion company), Sergey Brin (Co-founder of Google), Andy Grove (Founder and Chairman of Intel), E. Neville Isdell (Chairman and CEO of Coca Cola), Vinod Khosala (co-founder of Sun Microsystems, a $11.4 billions company), Henry Mckinnell (Chairman and CEO of Pfizer), Pierre Omidyar (Founder and Chairman of e-bay)

One common factor among these great personalities is that they all are foreign born skilled immigrants who set new socio-economical mile stone of the United States and made the great nation most competitive in the world. We need skilled immigrants


February 19, 2007, 4:06pm (report abuse)

make rules reasonable to follow...let the nation benefit from legal immigration as needed.


February 19, 2007, 4:11pm (report abuse)

Allowing legal immigration will help delay your social security going bankrupt, economy going down and taxes going up which is good for the country.

GC waiter

February 19, 2007, 4:12pm (report abuse)

Legal immigrants waiting for last 5 to 6 years to get green card. Bad part is we don't even know when we will get it 1 yr, 2 yr or 5 yr. This has made our life like hell. Almost 90% of intelligent immigrant spending their precious time in just checking if there any news will come and they will get some relief. This is affecting our personal as well as professional life. Life is just standstill and not able to make any decision due uncertainity of when and whether we will get the graan card.

Please feel our painfull life and help us by passing law to speedup pending EB3 and EB2 GC cases (since 2001) by some way.

Paul Harris

February 19, 2007, 4:17pm (report abuse)


It is a no brainer..separate legal and illegal immigration. overhaul H1 visa program, too many loopholes, take care those who are here legally for more than 5 years.


February 19, 2007, 4:43pm (report abuse)

In corporations, a good management is one which lets their workers do what they do best; work! They make their environment and everything else so that their workers are as productive as they can be.

The US government can also be considered as corporate management for America. If they make the highly skilled immigrants life easier, they will be more productive and it can only be to America's benefit.


February 19, 2007, 4:51pm (report abuse)

For ten years I am legal here paying lawyer fees and immigration fees and I am still stuck with EB3 priority date, at the same time I saw illegals with Green Card (marriage-245) etc.. and me thanks still in the limbo....

happy Singh

February 19, 2007, 5:04pm (report abuse)

I am almost 7 year in this country

this country gave me lots of opt. but i am stuck with EB3 i am unable to file I-485 lets hope +ve for this bill please push this bill

lets pray to God together.


February 19, 2007, 6:09pm (report abuse)

I think we need to get away from the surreal world and start accepting realities in this country.

*20M illegals in our house and we are discussing whether it is good or bad for the past several years.

How long will you have a unknown guest in the house without acting about it....Either we welcome the guest or we don't but waiting is not an option.

*3/4th of the US accepting marijuana as legal.

*We know nothing about Iran and Iraq and our enemies know everything about us.

We need to start tackling issues very quickly even if we do not have a unanimous vote on each of the issues.

Pablo Camacho

February 19, 2007, 7:07pm (report abuse)

I'm in total support of this bill, first of all if we get a bill that would give illegal immigrants a chance to work legally in the United States, and that would secure the borders,(mexico and canada)then this would make it a lot easier for homeland security to focus on real threats, and stop worrying about ordinary people. Another thing that this bill would do is that if, for what I heard, give a chance to those people that have clean record and therefore only good moral people would qualify and not criminals. As that law passed by the house of representatives wanted to make out of every immigrant.


February 19, 2007, 7:40pm (report abuse)

I am in Total support of this biull, Particularly related to the Green card numbers. We are making a joke of the Employment based Immigration System where people wait for visa numbers for years after getting the Labor clearance and company clearanace ( I 140). Once labor is cleared and I 140 is cleared the need is establisehed and the employment base is cleared. But still people have to wait for 10 years. It is a mockery. I wish the CIR S 9 gets clreaed by both the Senate and the House and also cleared by the President expeditiously


February 19, 2007, 8:58pm (report abuse)

And what about Family-based immigration? Adult children of U.S. citizens are waiting more than 6 years now until the visa is available. The priority date for that category has not moved for 1.5 years. Give these people a fair chance to fair chance to become permanent residents and be with their families by passing CIR.


February 19, 2007, 9:07pm (report abuse)

Been in US for 8 years. Went to school here and have been working after graduating. This is an amazing country. The legal visa system is in crisis. I have been here so long and have paid hundred of thousands of dollars in payroll taxes. This is unfair. If this system isn't reformed the impact will be visible in 5 to ten years when China and India overtake US economy if we are still in limbo we will have no option but to go back and compete with US.

Just Felt

February 19, 2007, 9:23pm (report abuse)


Whenever a best of best talent comes to this country, we should just give fair and equal oppurtunity to extract for our beneficial. We should (mean our talents) always ready to compete globally in this globalization. Never worry about taking away our jobs etc. Best of best in the world should always get a chance to contribute their talents in our Ace American economy.

- Just felt.


February 20, 2007, 8:39am (report abuse)

Immigration reform for skilled worker is long due. Businesses are suffering to attract & retain talented people due to hurdles faced with limited immigrant visas.


February 20, 2007, 8:46am (report abuse)

CIR is essentially the same old and failed idea of amnesty. Amnesty encourages more illegal behavior because it rewards those who came here illegally.

If the US wants to fix the immigration system, simply enforces existing laws and at the same, if necessary, carefully allow more family related immigrants to enter the country on permanent visas. As illegal aliens gradually leave the country, legal people could take over vacant positions.

Obviously those writing in favor of CIR in this forum are the direct beneficiaries of it, or simply employers or other people profiting from illegal aliens cheap labor.

I said it all. No, note from the post above that I am not a racist. Yes, I am pro legal immigration and pro America.

Reply to Pablo Camacho

February 20, 2007, 9:05am (report abuse)

Pablo, do you think anyone with a 1/2 brain would step forward and let people find that they are criminals in the US? People can just print and present faked documents. Amnesty is wrong. That is rewarding people who came here illegally.

No to CIR. We need to enforce our laws first.

"Another thing that this bill would do is that if, for what I heard, give a chance to those people that have clean record and therefore only good moral people would qualify and not criminals"


February 20, 2007, 9:31am (report abuse)

I have been in the US for eleven years now - I hold a Master's and a Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University. Graduated at the top of my class (GPA: 3.97). I also hold a Bachelor's from Fordhae Employment-based m University in Mathematics. I have 9 years of work experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, and have been paying taxes and legal fees for the past 11 years. BUT I might have to go back to my home country (and take my US experience and education with me) because there are no visa numbers for me. Does this make sense? Why would the US want to train people, give them education and experience, then have them move and make other countries richer? Makes no sense. LEGAL IMMIGRATION is what needs to be reformed NOW.


February 20, 2007, 9:40am (report abuse)

Allowing employment based greencard will definitely turn around exonomy as meny like me will be able to work at better job to utilize full potential, Buy houses, possibly after a while start new business.

This is definitely going to boost economy.


February 20, 2007, 9:58am (report abuse)

Investement: We are not able to investe in this country, unless it gives us Green Card. This is the major reason, Back our home country Real Estate prices reaching NY prices..Think..if we feel secure with green card, all money will be invested here.


February 20, 2007, 11:01am (report abuse)

I am an optimist but when it comes to immigration reform in the US, I am a pessimist. I see no real reforms in sight unless politicians can close their differences and act on what is important in the US. It is ridiculous to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants yet the millions of legal immigrants awaiting adjudication remains uncertain. I am here for almost 7 years on L1; despite strong support from my company (a $5+ billion global company) sponsoring my GC application, UCIS officers deny my I140 - not once but twice!. This goes to show how competent UCIS officers are! Immigration reform needs to happen fast and the other thing that needed a fix is - better training for UCIS officers!


February 20, 2007, 11:08am (report abuse)

Let's understand the vicious circle and reach to the root of cause.

Why people are coming here illegally facing lot of hardship? They don't have good job at home country and they are easily getting job by USA employer. Why US employers are taking so much of risk and hiring undocumented alien? They are not getting any US citizen worker for that job (I don't think lower wage is the argument compared to risk associated with hiring illegals).It is duty of government to provide enough legal workforce in order to run industry and economy. Congress is offering 140K green card and 65K H1B and few H1C. Actually demand is 10 time more. Congress must increase the reasonable quota for legal immigrants

Reply to Raul

February 20, 2007, 11:12am (report abuse)

Although you are qualified, if you go back you can have a better standard of living with the same money. Also when you work here, you take the job from an American. Would you want that to happen to you in your country. I don't think so. If you go back to your country you will most likely work for an US company and contribute to the US economy.


February 20, 2007, 11:22am (report abuse)

This is a very simple politics what US Govt is playing with all the immigrants who are living he US with abiding law, helping US economy boost and so many other things! I came to this country about 9 years back and still waiting for Green Card..just because of the law which would not allow USCIS people to approve the green card and Visa numbers are not available/exhausted!

Please support the CIR 2007 bill with EB provisions


February 20, 2007, 12:14pm (report abuse)

anyone heard of


Immigrationvoice is the way to go if we want to solve this problem. we can write comments here whole day but no lawmaker wiill read it. So it is useless. Real work is lobbying if we want to change the system. So please join this effort.



February 20, 2007, 12:18pm (report abuse)

I think there should be a clear decision on whether or not USA needs skilled immigrants. The current policies are putting people lives on hold for years. Some of them decide to go back and some of them stay here. If I know that I wont get Green Card for X years I can make a decision. It is perfectly fine with me to go back but staying in USA is my preference.

Anshul Singh

February 20, 2007, 12:23pm (report abuse)

The lawmakers of this country have proved themselves to be bunch of fools. They are trying to fix immigration problem by accepting illegal immigrants and neglecting legal immigrants. They are ready to give amnesty to illegal immigrants but have no will to address the broken legal immigration system.

How can they expect potential immigrants to come legally when illegals are clearly preffered breed.

Reply to "Reply to Raul"

February 20, 2007, 12:26pm (report abuse)

Yes. I did not like when this Be fair and think about it.happened in my country. At that time America was shouting globalization at the top of its lungs, when it pressurised India to sign GATT. Many people lost jobs, many businesses closed.

Now that things have turned around, so has the US opinion.

reply to immigration_blackhole

February 20, 2007, 12:30pm (report abuse)

Every one is writing comment on proposed S 9 bill. This comments may attract the attention of media and message could go to lawmakers. At least US citizens will know the problem of skilled immigrants.

D Paul

February 20, 2007, 12:36pm (report abuse)

I agree with immigration_blackhole. Support http://immigrationvoice.org.

I am on EB3. In USA lobbying is the way to ask for any reform.

Legal immigrants must proceed to strengthening lobbying for themselves. There are half a million legal immigrants waiting for their green card. Policy makers had done in the past and will continue to do in the future only the things that helps them to get votes.


February 20, 2007, 12:40pm (report abuse)

S.9 is pure vote politics.

US politicians are just self serving.

They do not care for ordinary individuals. Slavery is still going on in USA. Abuses are all pervasive. We can see slavery from High Tech companies ( H1, L1) to Janitorial ( Illegals)

Present System of immigration is continuation of Aparthied.

USA is no Free World.

S.9 will not happen ..

Reply to Raul

February 20, 2007, 12:41pm (report abuse)

I cannot approve of your staying in this country as an American will loose his job. I do not want to get into the history of what happened and life may not be fair but as of today, I cannot support legal immigration being increased. It is okay to allow illegals since they will take jobs that americans do not want


February 20, 2007, 12:45pm (report abuse)

Stop the illegals. Deport them...

Help Legal aliens because they play by the rules, have proper documentation, work hard and pay taxes and contribute to social security for our elderly. In the age of terrorism we need to track who comes in and goes out of the country. Legal immigration is the only option.


February 20, 2007, 12:47pm (report abuse)

It is simple .. pass some sensible law. Do not make legal immigrants wait all eternity just for the Green Card. If the coutry needs Highly Skilled Professionals. Make the necessary call and provide them with what it takes to get moving with their life on the other hand if this Country decides it does not need any more skilled professionals they so be it, pass a law and all the highly skilled professional will move on with their life. Remember these people are not called Highly skilled for no reason, they can find jobs almost any where they choose to. They choose to be in the US because it is a great country.


February 20, 2007, 12:50pm (report abuse)


is our only hope otherwise nobody cares for us. If we keep on posting messages here and 'hope' that reporters will come here and 'will read' messages and 'write articles' about us and then these articles 'will be' read by lawmakers and they 'will ' change the lawas for us...

my dear friends we are mistaken.

Nothing will happen if we don't do it ourselves. I encourage everyone to come and visit


and see what immigrationvoice is doing. In order to fix the system you need an organized effort.

thanks for reading



February 20, 2007, 12:51pm (report abuse)

I clearly support Mike. Well said.

USA is country of Laws. People who break the immigration laws have to be deported.

S.9 should be amended. Drop legalizing illegals and improve processes for legal immigration similar to Australia , Canada.


February 20, 2007, 1:10pm (report abuse)

Have been in this country for 6 years now. Acquired masters degrees, applied and still waiting for the greencard for 4 years now.

Want to be free from the shackles of visa renewals to work on research.


February 20, 2007, 1:11pm (report abuse)

I am in total agreement with people opposing illegal immigration. However, I also realize that it is not practical to round up and throw out 11 million people. Since I do not have an alternative, I will let the people that be do what they think is best.

But I do support this bill one 100% and more for its trying to fix the legal immigration issue. Legal immigrants are paying social security, state and federal taxes and contributing to the economy since ages. Without legal immigrants, the US economy would not be nearly where it is today.

Please don't forget that America is a nation of immigrants!

Long Live America!

Pro Legal Immigration

February 20, 2007, 1:17pm (report abuse)

I competely support legal immigration. No to illegal immigration!


February 20, 2007, 1:28pm (report abuse)

I totally support legals and am against illegals. That the most logical thing to say. However, there is more to it than just that. Corporate and political interests control reform and legislation.

Legal immigrants badly need reform to give them any hope of becoming Perm residents. I support CIR for legals. However due to their low numbers 500K - 1 million , they get little or no news. Illegals are 12 million in number and may be accounting for the same amount of dollars in terms of the economy as the legals (who are 1/10 of them) but get more news due to hispanic vote attached to them.

Legals have only the corporations to back them - but not fully. They only want to hire Legals not expedite their Green Cards....Thats the plight of the legal immigrant in the US...no wonder you are seeing people from US going overseas for surgeries and technology...its just the start. If US Govt cannot retain the best and the brightest right here...it will have long term repurcussions.


February 20, 2007, 1:35pm (report abuse)

Progress is the key! The decision to deny or approve one's application (based on valid reasons) is acceptable as well as understandable!. What is wrong about this whole process is its inefficiency, status-quo and lack of progress! Make a decision and let people move on with their lives!


February 20, 2007, 1:37pm (report abuse)

Please support the CIR 2007 bill with legal and Employment Based provisions especially in EB3 category (Skilled Workers).


February 20, 2007, 1:59pm (report abuse)

Please support the S. 9, The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 for legal and Employment Based provisions especially in EB3 category (Skilled Workers).


February 20, 2007, 2:46pm (report abuse)

Please end the EB3 / EB2 retrogression and help keep jobs in the US


February 20, 2007, 3:26pm (report abuse)

My complete support for the CIR 2007. Legal immigration woes need to be addressed immediately.


February 20, 2007, 3:36pm (report abuse)

High skilled immigrants(engineers,doctors,scientists,Ph.D's need to know answer from Senate/House whether they are required or not.

If not,-fine.Perfectly acceptably.Just let these people know so that they can go on with their livse in their respective countries.

Fix H1-B visa systems so that cooks,gardeners,supervisors don't abuse this "highly skilled" visa program



February 20, 2007, 3:38pm (report abuse)


New visitors to WashingtonWatch.com are seeing that this bill at the top of the "Most Active" list today. You can inform them about this issue by logging in to edit the wiki and sharing your views on the bill.


February 20, 2007, 6:47pm (report abuse)

I have been in this country *legally* for 8 years now and am still waiting for a GC. It may take just another 6 years to get one. Contrary to what Lou Dobbs claims on CNN, we legal immigrants have been paying taxes and Social Security with no signs of getting any of it back. I have slowly begun to realize that all my skills and education is a big waste, my identity these days is that of a HiTech slave. Stuck to my current job and position for however long my green card is gonna take. I was one of the best in my schools and considered most likely to succeed, until I made the mistake of getting into the GC queue few years ago. The legal immigration system in this country has made us skilled educated people feel frustrated, helpless and worse, feel like slaves.

Please try and read the sad stories of legal immigrants @http://immigrationvoice.org .


February 20, 2007, 9:38pm (report abuse)

Yet another family waiting for GC for better life. Stayed with same employer since 2002 and longing for better life after GC. Please support the S. 9, The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 for legal and Employment Based provisions especially in EB3 category.

Harry Getzoff

February 20, 2007, 11:07pm (report abuse)

Congratulations and you're welcome to all that got a top notch U.S. education. I'm very proud of you.. Really, I am! Now, you can't get the green card. Go back to live in your homeland. I'm sure they will appreciate the positive impact you will have on YOUR community. And the ones that are praying to God to be citizens.. Keep wishing really really hard.. It's the same thing. Isn't it?

Raul - Reply to the replies

February 20, 2007, 11:07pm (report abuse)

The main premise of employment-based immigration is that it is granted to those people who fill positions for which there are not enough Americans qualified to fill. In my case, my company was struggling STRUGGLING to fill my position but nobody was sufficiently qualified. The were trying to hire for MONTHS. So, whose job am I stealing? THE POINT IS THAT THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH QUALIFIED AMERICANS FOR CERTAIN HIGH-TECH JOBS. And that is the truth, whether you like it or not.

AND to somebody that suggested that I would go back to my country and work for an American company in order to benefit America without leaving here... YOU ARE FUNNY. My point is not to benefit America, it is that I DO. My point is to benefit MYSELF. Just like yours and everybody else's...

Harry Getzoff

February 20, 2007, 11:15pm (report abuse)

Rounding up 11 million people and moving them south would be a huge task. Just imagine how many American jobs that would create. Is it so wrong to stay in your homeland and make a positive difference with your higher education? Don't be ashamed of where you came from.. Stay there and be proud!


February 20, 2007, 11:35pm (report abuse)

America has to keep its doors open for best of the brightest to stay ahead and competitive with other countries. People who came here legally, paying taxes and contributing great to the economy should be given a fair chance to become permanent residents by passing CIR. Please do not forget that America's copmpetitive edge is due to the immigrants from all over the world.

Ted Williams

February 20, 2007, 11:46pm (report abuse)

I work in a multinational company and I see a lot of foreign skilled workers in my company. Most of them have advanced degrees and work really hard. They are here legally, pay taxes and have great respect for America. We need to welcome them and make them part of our great nation by allowing them to stay here permanently.

John Wyburn

February 20, 2007, 11:53pm (report abuse)

Let's not forget the foundations of this great country are laid by immigrants and also we are a nation of laws. Legal immigration should always be welcommed by us.

Use and Throw?

February 21, 2007, 1:01am (report abuse)

For all those who are vehemently opposing permanent residency for H1B workers...

Did you know that H1B is dual-intent visa, and they have every right to seek permanent residency in this country?

Are you suggesting H1B workers, that just come here, work hard, raise your family, live american dream, but just go back to your own country when they ask for their rights?

What about our kids who grew up like other americans, how would you explain these kids that they have to forget about his own country (US) and move to a foreign land (for this poor kid)?

Raul - Reply to the replies

February 21, 2007, 7:55am (report abuse)

For those all talking about legalise illegal immigrants and send back all legal immigrants who are contributing the american economy Please check this out first


College Professor

February 21, 2007, 8:29am (report abuse)

Very few Americans study Engineering and Science compared to other majors. At the graduate level the proportion of Americans Engineering is less than 50%. Most students in graduate programs are foreigners from China, India and other places. Due to a broken and outdated immigration system which lays emphasis on family immigration rather than on skills immigration like the Australian and British immigration programs most foreign graduates go back to their country and compete with the US. It is the most stupid system. Here we are talking about legalization of illegals (over 30% of whom have not finished school). When these people retire from lawn mowing and fruit picking they will continue be a drain on the welfare system. The politicians are attracted to the permanent and loyal vote bank. So even though Bill Gates has visited the Hill twice to implore congress to have bills like the SKIL bill passed politicians are focussed on the CIR. Legal immigration should be looked at first.


February 21, 2007, 8:39am (report abuse)

I work for a network management company where a lot of workers seem to come from foreign countries, most of them have masters or a PhD, work hard, are sincere and are friendly. Surprisingly many are NFL fans ;-) I support the legals.


February 21, 2007, 9:25am (report abuse)

America has prospered on account of very liberal laws which attracted best of the brains from all over the world. Just when it needs all the resources it can in the face of resurgent countries becoming ever and more competitive,it will be doomed if the Skilled Immigrants stop coming in now or those who are here are forced to go back to their home countries.

It will be none too soon if America makes a clear distinction between Legal and Illegal immigrants, and fixes its immigration system.


February 21, 2007, 9:37am (report abuse)

Please pass the SKIL bill or a Comprehensive Immigration Bill. This will only help the American Citizens, since a good Immigration system will protect the borders. Right now this department is in an imbroglio.

To Harry Getzoff

February 21, 2007, 12:17pm (report abuse)

It would benefit this country if all persons who can not compete Go back to live in the homeland of their ancestors.


February 21, 2007, 12:57pm (report abuse)


Think about broader perspective. If following persons would have gone back to their home country and founded company outside the USA, Do you think our nation was leader in world?

Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, Andrew Carnegie, Ramani Ayer (Chairman and CEO of Hartford, a $18 billion company), Alain Belda (Chairman and CEO of Alcoa, a $21.5 billion company), Sergey Brin (Co-founder of Google), Andy Grove (Founder and Chairman of Intel), E. Neville Isdell (Chairman and CEO of Coca Cola), Vinod Khosala (co-founder of Sun Microsystems, a $11.4 billions company), Henry Mckinnell (Chairman and CEO of Pfizer), Pierre Omidyar (Founder and Chairman of e-bay).

Do you think, Russian, Europeans, Japanese are not intelligent, hardworking and resourceful? Why our nation is leader? Simply because we invited brightest people from the world and worked on mutual interest

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