H. Res. 744
Providing for consideration of the bill (S. 2012) to provide for the modernization of the energy policy of the United States, and for other purposes; providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 5233) to repeal the Local Budget Autonomy Amendment Act of 2012, to amend the District of Columbia Home Rule Act to clarify the respective roles of the District government and Congress in the local budget process of the District government, and for other purposes; and providing for proceedings during the period from May 27, 2016, through June 6, 2016

S. Res. 472
A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that a carbon tax would be detrimental to the economy of the United States (2 votes »)

H.R. 5317
To designate the Department of Veterans Affairs health care center in Center Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania, as the "Abie Abraham VA Clinic"

H.R. 5322
To amend the Investment Company Act of 1940 to terminate an exemption for companies located in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and any other possession of the United States

S. 864
The National Nursing Shortage Reform and Patient Advocacy Act (3 votes »)

H.R. 5245
The Better Oversight of Secondary Sales and Accountability in Concert Ticketing Act of 2016

H. Con. Res. 131
Authorizing the use of the Capitol Grounds for the District of Columbia Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run (3 wiki edits »)

H.R. 5262
The Care Veterans Deserve Act of 2016

H.R. 1838
The Clear Creek National Recreation Area and Conservation Act (10 votes | 5 wiki edits »)
Costs $0.04 per family

S. 2975
A bill to provide agencies with discretion in securing information technology and information systems

S. 2974
A bill to ensure funding for the National Human Trafficking Hotline, and for other purposes

S. 2971
A bill to authorize the National Urban Search and Rescue Response System

S. 2968
The Office of Special Counsel Reauthorization Act of 2016

H.R. 5304
The Health Expansion Loss Prevention Veterans Act

H. Res. 746
Urging the United States Soccer Federation to immediately eliminate gender pay inequity and treat all athletes with the same respect and dignity

S. Res. 473
A resolution expressing appreciation of the goals of American Craft Beer Week and commending the small and independent craft brewers of the United States

S. 2977
A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to establish an excise tax on the production and importation of opioid pain relievers, and for other purposes

H.R. 5319
To amend the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 to establish a Federal regulatory budget and to impose cost controls on that budget, and for other purposes

H.R. 5318
To amend the Federal Trade Commission Act to specify certain effects of guidelines, general statements of policy, and similar guidance issued by the Federal Trade Commission

H.R. 5316
To establish a carbon sequestration pilot program under which the Secretary of the Interior may make grants for projects to evaluate methods to increase the amount of carbon captured on qualified public lands in order to achieve a wide range of benefits, including reductions in greenhouse gases, increased water retention and water quality in watersheds, nutrient cycling, reduced erosion, and forage quality

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