S. 2423
A bill making appropriations to address the heroin and opioid drug abuse epidemic for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2016, and for other purposes

S. 2422
The Fiscal Year 2016 Department of Veterans Affairs Seismic Safety and Construction Authorization Act (4 wiki edits »)

H.R. 4301
To require the Secretary of Homeland Security to search all public records to determine if an alien is inadmissable to the United States (6 votes »)

H.R. 4311
The Protecting Charitable Contributions Act of 2015

H.R. 4310
The Vet Electronic Trails Act of 2015

H.R. 4309
To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to reimburse each possession of the United States for the cost of the earned income tax credit

H.R. 4302

H.R. 4304
To direct the Department of Labor to conduct a study on residual contamination of workers at certain facilities related the Department of Energy's processing and production of materials that emitted radiation

H.R. 4305
The Ukrainian Warfighter Assistance Act

H.R. 4299
The Patient Opportunity Protection Act of 2015

H.R. 4297
To impose certain requirements on the Secretary of the Treasury relating to transmittals of country-by-country reports for purposes of the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Action Plan

H.R. 4296
The Youth Exchange Support Act of 2015

H.R. 4292
The Synchronization & Nonadherence Correction (SYNC) Act of 2015

S. 1419
The Native Language Immersion Student Achievement Act (8 votes »)
Costs $0.13 per family

S. 1592
A bill to clarify the description of certain Federal land under the Northern Arizona Land Exchange and Verde River Basin Partnership Act of 2005 to include additional land in the Kaibab National Forest (8 votes | 4 wiki edits »)
Costs $0.00 per family

S. 818
A bill to amend the Grand Ronde Reservation Act to make technical corrections, and for other purposes (8 votes | 3 wiki edits »)
Costs $0.01 per family

S. 817
A bill to provide for the addition of certain real property to the reservation of the Siletz Tribe in the State of Oregon (8 votes | 3 wiki edits »)
Costs $0.01 per family

H. Res. 578
Providing for the hour of meeting of the House

H. Res. 580
Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 712) to impose certain limitations on consent decrees and settlement agreements by agencies that require the agencies to take regulatory action in accordance with the terms thereof, and for other purposes, and providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 1155) to provide for the establishment of a process for the review of rules and sets of rules, and for other purposes

H. Res. 579
Providing for consideration of the Senate amendment to the bill (H.R. 3762) to provide for reconciliation pursuant to section 2002 of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2016

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