H.R. 3889
The Safer Prescribing of Controlled Substances Act

H.R. 3888
The Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2015 (3 votes »)

H.R. 3885
The Veterans Affairs Transfer of Information and sharing of Disability Examination Procedures with DOD Doctors Act (3 wiki edits »)

H.R. 3884
The Veterans Collaboration Act

H.R. 3883
The Veteran's Choice Accountability Act

H.R. 3881
The Cooperative Management of Mineral Rights Act of 2015

H. Res. 516
Recognizing the individuals who have served, or are serving, in the Armed Forces and have also served, or are serving, as a peace officer or as a first responder and expressing support for the designation of November 10 as Armed Forces, Peace Officer, and First Responder Dual Service Recognition Day

H. Res. 515
Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the importance of civic education and civic involvement programs in the elementary and secondary schools of the United States (2 votes »)

S. Res. 306
A resolution designating the week beginning November 2, 2015, as "National Apprenticeship Week" (2 votes »)

S. Res. 305
A resolution commending and congratulating the Kansas City Royals on their 2015 World Series victory

S. 2241
The Combat Heroin Epidemic and Backlog Act of 2015

S. 2240
The Federal Land Invasive Species Control, Prevention, and Management Act

S. 2239
The Protecting Americans from the Proliferation of Weapons to Terrorists Act of 2015

S. 2238
The Keep It in the Ground Act of 2015 (2 votes »)

S. 2237
The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2015

S. 2235

S. 2234
The Office of Strategic Services Congressional Gold Medal Act

H.R. 3931
To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 620 Central Avenue Suite 1A in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, as the "Chief Petty Officer Adam Brown United States Post Office"

H.R. 3929
The Office of Strategic Services Congressional Gold Medal Act

H.R. 3928
The Ending the Sanctuary Capitol Policy Act of 2015

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