H.R. 2309, The Postal Reform Act of 2011

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H.R. 2309 would restore the financial solvency of the United States Postal Service and to ensure the efficient and affordable nationwide delivery of mail.

== Detailed Summary ==

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== Status of the Legislation ==

Latest Major Action: 1/17/2012:3/1/2012: House Committee on Rules Granted an extension for further consideration ending not later than March 1,30, 2012.

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== Points in Favor ==

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== Points Against ==

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    Saves: $158.32 per
    and decreases their $162,301.27 share of the national debt by $158.32.
    (source info)

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July 6, 2011, 7:45pm (report abuse)

Issa is a Jerk


August 17, 2011, 3:01am (report abuse)

Issa and the rest of our gov't can't even run the United States Budget. Who would ever believe that he could solve the problems of the USPS. Fat Cat republicans have wined whenever the post office has raises rates by a few cents while of course they say nothing whilest Fed Ex is extorting multitudes of dollars for performing basicaly the same service. The difference, the people see the USPS as a public service, business sees them as a cheap way of sending information or advertising. The reality, the Post Office may perhaps be... subsidising business needs. I think the public would be surprised to find out that the average price for a letter is less than 15 cents. WHAT ! Yes. Issa, you want to bust the union and change everything what the post office is. Perhaps poorly run by management, but not by its union employees. Issa perhaps doesn't want the public to know what massive subsidies business is getting from the Post Office.


September 19, 2011, 5:10pm (report abuse)

Decades of unmanageable labor costs and excess infrastructure have left the United States Postal Service (USPS) in financial ruin. The USPS lost $8.5 billion in 2010 and is projected to lose $8.3 billion in 2011, followed by another $8.5 billion in 2012. In April 2010, Postmaster General John Potter announced that the USPS will lose $238 billion over 10 years. Furthermore, the agency expects to hit its $15 billion debt limit by the end of the year. In order to avoid another massive taxpayer-funded bailout, the organization must be fundamentally restructured.

H.R. 2309 would modernize the USPS and reform its outdated business model to cut costs and return the USPS to fiscal solvency.

Thus expecting the USPS to function under the same conditions that those "Fat Cats" expect private SOLVENT companies like FedEX and UPS to work within. The USPS will now have to update its business model instead of relying on the continuous stream of Gov't handouts and bail-outs to remain afloat.


September 21, 2011, 10:59am (report abuse)

The postal service does not need Government handouts or a bail-out. The postal service is in the shape it is in because of the burden congress put on it back in 2006, mandating it to pre-fund future retiree health benefits for the next 75 years and do so within 10 years at a cost of over 5 billion dollars a year. does fedEx and UPS start out the year 5.5 billion in the hole every year, I don't think so. Congress made this mess, and lawmakers can fix it, without using a dime of taxpayer money. house Bill 1351 does just that without destroying the postal service as we know it today. Don't make it out to be more than it is.


September 21, 2011, 11:27am (report abuse)

the reason congress is so upset they spent the money already paid in


September 22, 2011, 3:08pm (report abuse)

All who believe that HR2309 is the way out..... educate yourselves. Please. Bill 1351.


September 23, 2011, 3:01am (report abuse)

USPS is being ripped off by the govt.USPS overpaid civil service retirement plan $50-75 billion and federal employees retirement plan $7 billion.They do not recieve any taxpayer money.They also have to pay $5.5 billion for future retiree health plan annually, no other company in USA is required to do that.Now the govt wants to tear it apart, close shops, lower pay and benefits, cut down on home deliveries, including stopping some home delivery altogether, just to hurt the working class. Create another committee(costs $20million more for usps), yeah grow govt. Tell your representatives, to give usps back their overpayments to cover their yearly debt(last year $9 billion debt, drop in bucket compared to usps overpayments to pension plans) and to stop with the $5.5 billion mandate. Stop putting the working class down. The USPS does not cost taxpayers a dime, but the govt adds that $5.5 billion to their budget.Stop messing with workers and customers


September 23, 2011, 5:26pm (report abuse)

midwest and allen, you obviously have no understanding of the issues dealing with the postal finical burden. While snowitduv is explaining that the postal service is not needed a bailout, it needs to be taken out of the restrictions made by congress in 2006. HR 1351 and HR 2769 are designed to do just that. Unfortunately there are not enough people that will take the time to educate themselves on the real issues. Please research the issue then respond


September 24, 2011, 4:26am (report abuse)

The USPS is a cash cow that the Congress continually rips off.This started in 2006 by requiring a pre-funded retirement health benefits account for employees WHO AREN'T EVEN BORN YET!That money is more than likely aleady gone.Put all this aside though.Instead,pray that you don't work for a company that relies on USPS business because there are hundreds of thousands of ancillary jobs worth millions that are created by the USPS and yours might be one.HR 2309 is the beginning of the end if passed.It will effectively gut the USPS.What do you think will happen to shipping costs once they're gone?What do you think will happen to your job if say you work for a magazine or a catalog company or a paper company?Better start rehearsing as a Walmart greeter!HR 1351 is the answer.IT IS NOT A BAIL-OUT--THAT'S REP ISSA'S LIE.It simply gives the money back.Please contact your congress members if you value your livelihood.And remember,not a single cent of taxpayer $ has gone to support the USPS.

Mario Evangelista

September 26, 2011, 7:12am (report abuse)

I can't believe the level of ignorance of our government on the basic issues at hand. Both the Dems and Reps take their turn but this time it's the Republicans.

The Post Office is the only government angeny other then the IRS that brings revenues into the US government. In fact if the congress would stop rapeing the PO it would be making a profit to this date.

In truth paid postage covers all operating cost and no government moneys come into the Post Office, but billions go the other way every year.

The American people have to check the facts on this issue because this is not just an attack on the the Postal Service but the very foundation of collective bargaining and contractual law.

Mario Evangelista

Oldman F

September 27, 2011, 2:45pm (report abuse)

Congressman Issa quotes the constitution as a source to "ruin" the USPS. That source only has to do with establishing Post Offices, the right to close them belongs to the PMG. Comgressman Issa should know the difference between helping the Postal Service and crippling it further. The Post office and its employees that signed a valid contract. If he wants to show the public what its like to deal with congress, in that it can void legal contracts at will, require rediculous "payments" just have them read the last two Postal "reform" bills along with the current one. Basically puting 100,000 more people out of work will not help the economy. That is not a great republican plan.

Terrence Schoenekase

October 16, 2011, 2:12pm (report abuse)

Congress is creating another control monster. Just release the Postal service from all the garbage regulations and let the existing Board of Governors approve a five day on even a three day delivery service. They also should be authorized to close facilities. A separate commission to do these things isF totally unnecessary. Congress should start to listen to the voters. I personnally will vote against my representative if he votes for this bill.


(logged-in user) October 18, 2011, 8:30am (report abuse)

why doesn't someone sugest congress cut some or a lot of their ridiculusly high salaries and benefits and try living on the same things they impose on the public . After all they do work FOR THE PEOPLE

Scott Rawlings

October 25, 2011, 12:45am (report abuse)

give the USPS the 75 billion back from overpayments....but the magot Republicans won't. ISSA is bad blood. VOTE H.R. 1351


November 9, 2011, 2:29pm (report abuse)

The USPS is designed and over time is to survive on $$ generated by services and revenue created from those services. The USPS has not changed with the times. E-mail and Auto-Bill pay have reduced the USPS to delivery junk mail. Now the USPS is trying to promote MORE junk mail to bolster revenue. The model has to change and accept the notion that the model today is not working, it is necessary to revamp. Have panel of proven models, UPS and Fed-Ex for example to think outside the box and make new views and ideas that will not be gutted by members of Congress, to be responsible enough see that change is necessary. The tax-payer is supporting an outdated, same as yesterday is good for today mentallity in a yesterday model. Do the right thing, change is neccessary.

Kathy in San Diego

November 9, 2011, 6:00pm (report abuse)

Issa is as crooked as they come. He just wants to privatize the Postal Service. Don't change the USPS, get rid of Issa instead. How dare he?

Karen F. Smith

November 10, 2011, 3:58pm (report abuse)

H.R. 2309 does nothing to address the problems caused by Congress in 2006 with the passage of the 2006 Postal Accountability law which mandates that the USPS prepay health benefits for employees 75 years into the future for employees not born yet. How Absurd! No other gevernment agency or private sector business has to prepay health benefits. Benefits are paid on an pay-as-you-go basis.

What H.R. 2309 will do is force the closing of many Post Offices causing the lose of 200,000 job and treatening the $1.3 trillion mailing industry that employees 7.5 million jobs. And, if that is not enough, H.R.2309 will create a "Solvency Authority" with the power to unilaterally cut wages and benefits. Who needs another unnecessary federal bureau staffed with the "yes men" of Congress. H.R.2309 should never have been proposed. Instead repeal the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement law and let the US Postal Service live as it has for 235 years as provided by the US Constitution.

Randal Coon

November 11, 2011, 9:27pm (report abuse)

The GOP didn't mind the postal service, until President Nixon banned striking,adding binding arbitration. That finally raised salaries to private levels.As long as the workers were satisfied with minimum wage, but required to maintain the standards of civil employees--[Be there all the time, on time, make no mistakes, or face reprimand and then firing, and the fact that they were required to maintain packages-of drugs, gold, diamonds, who knows what, and sign for it at each levels.

I'm a lawyer, but when I was young, my first boss--knowing my Dad was a letter carrier, mentioned more than once that they, and other workers not deemed worthy of life by him, much less health care and wages, called them "just grunts." Didn't get my feelings hurt, because I knew that that is the way he felt about most anyone other than himself. But that attitude has been pervasive in the GOP for years, and easily explains their need for dividing the top 1%, and the rest of us. DEFEAT HR 2309, PLEASE!!!!!

Randal Coon

November 11, 2011, 9:41pm (report abuse)

I recalled one more important matter about postal workers that Congressmen no doubt have forgotten--if they were ever aware of it. I don't think Congressmen have to pass a Civil Service Test prior to being CONSIDERED for employment.

I am not sure of what the exact statistics or the scores are. I know that when I took the CST in 1975, I made a 99.6%. It greatly involved having to remember large blocks of addresses and codes, after seeing them a few seconds. Other parts too.

At 99.6, I was offered a mail-sorting job, which paid decent, but not great wages, and made lots of requirements on my time.I was offered the job 3 times, and my friends thought I was crazy to turn down such a job. Admittedly, being 19 1.it made it easier for me to have rapid recall, and 2.I was less interested in jobs with the night time restriction. But I was about to be married. Even tho it resulted in my marrying with no job--just a degree, I quickly found a sales job paying more than the postal job.YAY

Vicki Davison

December 5, 2011, 6:15pm (report abuse)

How can anyone speak about government bail-outs and taxpayer dollars in the USPS crisis? What part of "NO TAX DOLLARS go to the USPS" don’t people understand. But the loss of income taxes from 200,000 postal employees will impact tax-payers. The millions of dollars the USPS spends on operations each year are going to be missed by an uncountable number of their service providers, building purchases and rents (also not paid for by taxpayers), equipment including vehicles and mail processing machines. Jobs associated with mail service are in the millions. The impact of not having a reliable postal service is uncharted in this country. Through wars, disasters, civil unrest, and terrorist threats the USPS has always continued to serve.

Political forces are making moves to destroy the USPS. Will this impact you? Read about HR 2309, S 1789, and HR 1351.

Let your representatives know what you want them to support and whether they will have your support when election time rolls around.

john jordan

December 14, 2011, 2:19pm (report abuse)

If we would like crime to pay, just

let the government run itydj5s


December 15, 2011, 12:58am (report abuse)


Ike Daughtry

December 19, 2011, 1:24pm (report abuse)

This is a bill that would hurt the postal service not heolp it but Issa is just dumb to get it right and how much money would he get to line his pocket for this crazy bill .

Doug Wells

December 20, 2011, 6:08pm (report abuse)

Any company that is failing first fires all upper management.When will the USPS realize that promoting from within is a complete failure.


July 12, 2012, 4:20pm (report abuse)

Its funny how ppl act so hysterical when the opposing party makes a proposal. Try not being partisan idiots for a change. If any of you happened to listen for 2 seconds to the postmaster general explain why there is a revenue problem with the post office you'd realize that these changes are exactly what he claimed is needed. Reducing the operating days, take the excessive pension funding regulations out, those are both right out of the postmaster generals mouth. They would also like the ability to close offices that only serve a handful of ppl. Of course anytime common sense cost cutting measures are proposed we have listen to temper tantrums and stories of woe from the big government sheep and greedy politicians throwing common good of the country under the bus to garner a few local votes from their constituency.


July 16, 2012, 8:18am (report abuse)

Just a comment about Issa and the rest of our government not being able to run a budget. We have not had a budget for the last three years. Budgets are passed to the Senate by the House, but Reid tables them and offers no other budgets.


July 18, 2012, 9:34am (report abuse)

within a 5 mile radius there a dozen tiny postal offices. It does not make economic sense to keep them open. I rarely see anyone going in or out of them.


July 19, 2012, 7:53am (report abuse)

The USPS could learn from FED EX if they would just watch how efficiently FED EX operates.


July 29, 2012, 8:50pm (report abuse)

HR2309 is a misguided attempt by ISSA to stroke his own ego. The most critical aspect of this bill(pre-funding of retiree benefits is ACTUALLY INCREASED) and that prefunding in a short amount of time is unheard of in any American company. The USPS would've been in the black the past 5yrs. and futture years as well! NO,NO,NO! TO HR2309.


August 29, 2012, 3:50pm (report abuse)

The way to kill HR 2309 is to get Issa out of Congress. How? Vote for or contribute to his Democratic challenger, Jerry Tetalman.



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