H.R. 31, The Lumbee Recognition Act

  • This item is from the 111th Congress (2009-2010) and is no longer current. Comments, voting, and wiki editing have been disabled, and the cost/savings estimate has been frozen.
  • This bill, or a similar bill, was reintroduced in the current Congress as H.R. 27, The Lumbee Recognition Act.

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H.R. 31 would provide for the recognition of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina.

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Status of the Legislation

Latest Major Action: 1/6/2009: Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Natural Resources.

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February 16, 2009, 4:45pm (report abuse)

My mother was LUMBEE.

WE ARE NOT A DEAD TRIBE WHO JUST WANT CASINO GAMBLING! I am not recognized by the Lumbee People as being in their number but I KNOW WHO I AM! We are a very inclusive CONFEDERATION of Native Americans and those who have chosen over the hundreds of years to throw their lot in with us. I would venture that the LUMBEE PEOPLE have been honoring diversity and putting to practice than most "whites" although there are certainly whites in my own ancestry. Lumbee have a distinct oral tradition (reading and writing aren't exactly Native American innovations.), culture, language and people. The idea of a PURE RACE belongs with Hitler and the Nazis. Lumbee are ONE people of many colors. One Big, Beautiful Native American FAMILY! As such, they should be recognized! I think they would LIKE THEIR RIGHTS as the largest Nation east of the Misssissippi!THEY ARE HISTORICALLY A PEOPLE ALWAYS IDENTIFIED AS NATIVE AMERICAN!

Sylvia Chavis

March 4, 2009, 4:19pm (report abuse)

I am a member of the Lumbee Tribe. I am proud to be a native Americian. My Grandmother was part Cherokee. I wish everyone would just try to accept the facts. We are who we are. Nothing can change that. We won't stop until we are recognized who we are and to be treated fairly. We have earn our rights hundred of years ago. Our ancestors still live within us all and we won't give up until we have been recognized of who we are.

J. Locklear

May 8, 2009, 3:45am (report abuse)

I am not a member of the tribe but I am a proud Native American of Lumbee ancestry. People will say we are not "real" natives because of our high mix of blood. I am a Lumbee that does not deny this. We have black, white, and native in most of us. But look at the Cherokees in Oklahoma. No blood quantum requirement (blood quantum can never go up, only down, so it was only introduced to try to completely destroy our race, and we fell for it). All you have to do to join the Cherokee Nation is prove your lineage to them. You'd be very hard pressed to find many "full blooded" Cherokees over there outside of the Keetoowah. Should you strip them of their recognition because of their high mixed blood?

It is a weak argument towards the Lumbee community. Only 20% of Native Americans have more than 1/4th blood in them. We are native because, despite the mixed blood, we all have native in us and it is always what we have historically identified ourselves as. Even when it was unpopular to be such.

S. Taylor

May 18, 2009, 10:50pm (report abuse)

I am not a member of the tribe and I too have Lumbee lineage. I do not know why this tribe should not be recognized as they certainly date back to the earliest of settelments on the east coast of N. America. I think the government continues trying to dominate the Native American way of thinking, feeling,their very way of life and their spirituality. Stop playing politics with peoples lineage and identity and do the right thing. This tribes recognition is long overdue.

h harjo

June 17, 2009, 3:03pm (report abuse)

i am creek and lumbee in ancestry, and i live in the cherokee nation of oklahoma. if the 300,000 or more cherokee nation of oklahoma citizens can be a tribe, by god the lumbees are damn sure one.19 out of 20 of the people i know here all have cherokee enrollment and 1/500th cdib cards in they pockets and 19 out of 20 CNO members i know have blond hair and blue eyes and pale skins and so do they wives and children. i live in the middle of one of the biggest nest of pharisees in the world i bet. CNO out to stop 'wannabes" whenas i said 19 out of 20 of the CNO members i know are the most whitebread folks youll ever meet. and most lumbees i know are 10 times the indians than 90 percent of these so called 300000 Cherokee nation of oklahoma so called indians. longlive keetowah.


June 19, 2009, 3:58pm (report abuse)

r ,oh excuse me !! sorry now its Lumbee(made up name) or cherokee of robeson countybut atleast they are sincere they really want that casino$$$$$$ and will take away benefits from real natives that are really in need ,,go out west and see,the lumbee people have survived just fine as white but now they want that casino govt money their greed proves they are Europeans really,let the BIA prove them not some bought out politicians seeking their votes in NC,

bill smith

June 24, 2009, 3:13pm (report abuse)

why are we subsidizing a group of people trying to form a tribe that we never had a treaty with and these people live like everyone else in the carolinas they are not and never were reservation or even tribal and have no culture they are just copying the plains Indians.This group is and allways has been completely assimilated into American society as whites so why has the US Govt been asked to seperate them now?? money! benefits! and how do we tell who really is a Lumbee when they dont even know themselves, they say we are Lumbee because we say we are!! well prove it to society then and if you cant just blend in and get a job. Stop asking politicians to make you Indian or Native American because Lumbees cant prove it with science or Historical records and by the way this Lumbee Hero Lowery fellow just looks like your average white appalachian hillbilly and no way native American.wannabee

Henry Berry Lowrie

June 25, 2009, 2:04pm (report abuse)

The lumbee have been seeking this recognition since 1883 Then we were a people of color. The US Govt. labeled this group as Native American not white, since we were not hostile we didn't fit into the typical sterotype to be put on a reservation. Federal Recognition will give Lumbee Indians their rightful title as an American Indian and hopefully will finally stop being called native american wannabee's

stan Washington

June 29, 2009, 5:40pm (report abuse)

The group known as Lumbee even with federal recognition will never be natives but only an assimilated group with some ancester from some unknown tribe ,its ashame these people cannot trace themselves to a native tribe of that area because that and that only is hat will make up Indian not politicians ,some white even managed to get themselves on Dawes rolls and such but the Trail of Tears affected all indians but not the Lumbee!! why !! Because they were and are not a native American tribe or anything other than anglos and mulattos looking for government approval of their invention,lets DNA anyone that cant prove a connection to a tribe ,we native suffered the trail of tears, not the Lumbee, they have no treatys and the US govt and Tax payers owe these people nothing that any other citizen gets especially without the BIA proving their ancestry this is just another way to rip the US taxpayers off with bought out politicians in robeson county.


July 27, 2009, 12:35pm (report abuse)

The "Lumbees" (which is a FAKE name) are NOT Indians! There have been scientific tests which proved them to be no more than 13 % Native by blood, not surprisingly they are 47 % African as well. IMHO these "Lumbees" should be classes as the African-Americans they really are. As a person of REAL Native descent (my mother is a full blooded Navajo from a REAL reservation, not this Robeson County type junk) I find it very offensive that these blacks, mulattos, and whatever else the Lumbees are should get any sort of federal benefits that real Natives deserve. The ancestors of the Lumbees were liars too though, they claimed all throughout the Colonial period and well into the 1900s to be Indian as a way of denying they are Black. They have changed their story on which tribe they're descended from like 5 different times as well. "Lumbees" need to get real and admit they are mulattos, stop pretending to be Indian, and GET A DAMN JOB!

Wendell White

July 28, 2009, 4:19pm (report abuse)

The Question of why the Lumbee are fighting so hard for recognition they already lives as any other american does i,Maybe some of those Lumbees are really part Indian but that goes for most american that have had ancestry here since founding since the numbers are so large the Lumbee need to prove that they say they are because they keep changing identity,I at first believed them to be Croatan descendant the lost colony they are changing that to CHERAW well not all those 56,000 people can be Cheraw the cheraw were so small only a few hundred so this looks very fake, they are very strong about the subject emotions does not make one an Indian native they are a tribe organization but a tribe of WHAT???? their evidence doesnt merit being a federally recognized status like the Trail of tears Indians or creeks or navajo or any western tribes or dakotas, the Lumbee will cost the USA taxpayer close to more than a BILLION dollars and when their rolls re-open up more billions


August 12, 2009, 4:44pm (report abuse)


Janie treig

August 14, 2009, 5:28pm (report abuse)

It is not about anyone being afrai of the lumbee being recognized, Its just that they dont meet the minimum criterior with positive proof and if they are approved it opens the door to almost any group of people wanting minority status or federal recognition which means possibly people getting benefits that dont need them and that tribe swelling up the numbers to get money and benefits,if they so strongly believe Lumbee are Indian then leave it at that and let the indians whose ancesters were marched and shoved on reservations benefit because they need it and deserve it and the LUMBEE in all honestly dont and in apppearance the Lumbee are caucasian predominately ,I agree with the july 28th comment that all those folks cant be Indian native american in robeson.Therefore no benefits for them but the politicians sure up to get lumbee vote another reason why we shouldnt have the congress approve the lumbees its about Heritage not politics politics seem to be winning out over reality

walter r. johnson

August 20, 2009, 3:10pm (report abuse)

How much black blood is not the issue here folks ,,thats irrelevent or how much white blood they may have lets not be racist ,be logical ,once they get recognized they will be able to buy land ,make laws like a sovereign nation hire police ,grab up land call it a reservation under the BIA land acquisitions act and do whatever they want in NC including putting anyone they want on their tribal rolls because the Bill they have in congress forbids the BIA from verifying that the enrolled members are Indians,,yes !!! they added that to the Bill !!!!!! they are keeping the BIA out of the membership selection process specifically!!!! what a Con, You must wonder why they added to the bill that the BIA dies not have to approve membership like they do for all other Indians because the tribe can issue Blood Quantum cards and make them selves full bloods if they choose with blood quantum cards they will ba allowed to make up their own blood quantum cards as a recognized tribe yes!!!!!!!!!


September 23, 2009, 3:44pm (report abuse)

As a Lumbee tribal member I am excited for possible recognition. However, after visting multiple other reservations out West I have mixed feelings on recognition. We do not need ther free money and land, this typically breeds lazy alcoholic diabetics. Free education would be wonderful...if more than a small handful would take advantage of it. I would love to be recognized and cary that banner for prides sake. I dont need anyones handouts...I work for a living and proudly support my family. Would love my kids to continue in such a manner. Would love to be regonized just like those blue eyed 1/8th Cherokees and get some school $. Dont need any help, but it sure is nice to have ;)


September 23, 2009, 5:58pm (report abuse)

As for the Education benefit the poor already have it ,Its called a pell grant available to anyone with a certain income qualify for pell grants and state grants are totally FREE ALREADY. If you hace been to a RESERVATION then you may understand better out west why the BIA recognition is needed for already reconized tribes from the pass but these days it is unnecessary for 56,000 people to burden our depressed economy and take from real reservation Indians that really need it and live in remote reservations the Lumbee dont meet this need.

K. Richardson

October 3, 2009, 3:18pm (report abuse)

I am a member of the Haliwa-Saponi tribe of North Carolina and I fully support the Lumbee in their recognition efforts. My own tribe has experienced circumstances very similar to that of the Lumbee and I feel that if the Lumbee are recognized it would give my own tribe a better chance toward gaining the recognition we as Native American people deserve. I also have to add that I find some of the comments on here to be racist and deeply offensive and I would advise those people to never come to North Carolina and if they do to be quiet about their opinions because they will not like what happens if they dare to publicly voice such hateful ideas.


October 5, 2009, 5:48pm (report abuse)

the last comment sounded like it came from a whiteman threatning like you always do anyone who opposes your belief system so I know you are a white man for sure anyone else would realize this is a comment section and If north carolina people get upset when told thay are not Indian then they probably arent otherwise they would find a scientific way to proove that you are Indian HOW about DNA test!!! if you are so sure then post us your results only cost about $150 dollars to prove it buddy!!!


October 6, 2009, 6:44pm (report abuse)

if Lumbee were indian why weren't they included in the TRAIL OF TEARS !! when the army removed all large groups of indians from the east coast and south,Its because LUMBEE weren't native American but Mulattos or Turks or portuguese so dont try to change that fact by coming up with a slick answer !! Fact is LUMBEE not in TRAIL OF TEARS because not ever considered indian by the US Govt not even back then before mixing more.

Smith J

October 7, 2009, 5:56pm (report abuse)

I AGREE.if Lumbee were indian why not included in the TRAIL OF TEARS !! when the army removed all large groups of indians from the east coast and south,Its because LUMBEE weren't native American but Mulattos or Turks or portuguese so dont try to change that fact by coming up with a slick answer !! Fact is LUMBEE not in TRAIL OF TEARS because not considered Native by the US Govt not even back then before mixing more.General Jackson who was in charge of indian removal and from the NC/SC area Im sure he knew about a whole County full Indians, these 56,000 indians called LUMPEE or LUMBER or CROATAN .Okay answer that logically?

tunnel rat

October 9, 2009, 4:25pm (report abuse)

I studied indian history for 60 years there is no such thing as a lumbee indian.


October 13, 2009, 5:49pm (report abuse)

I have a degree in Anthropology and I took native studies and i agree there is no Lumbee tribe but only a large group of people in one county area where it was probably safer in the past if you were mixed mulatto to claim to be Indian so that u were less discriminated against! There Black heritage was replaced with a fake Indian tribe that couldnt figure out what tribe was available other than Cherokee so now they have latched on to the cheraw and are calling themselves cheraw without any positive proor or even remnant cultural remains or artifacts or historical records! Yes go to the LUMBEE website they now claim t be THE LUMBEE TRIBE OF CHERAW INDIANS.!!!!!! . The lumbee originally claimed Croatan, then cherokee for a while then tuscarora now they claim Cheraw, wow I cant believe that they got senators to buy that crap!!! well i guess votes!!! This bill will cost us Tax payers over 800 million every 4 years if passed by adding these LUMPEE people on the BIA recognized list.

Billie Realred

October 19, 2009, 8:31pm (report abuse)

The Lumbee have not existed as a true tribe but only as a group of people that may or may not of had a distant native ancestor name one Lumbee custom not stolen from some other real tribe,Lets not judge by emotion and what you want to be but what you are,in Lumbees i see only white heritage thats what they are and they should celebrate that,geronimo would laugh at these modern whites searchin for indian ancestors,If Lumbees get federal recog it would undermine and make anyone a Native american.


October 20, 2009, 6:31pm (report abuse)

I see Lumbee people writing poems and calling others haters or jealous and saying that they are proud and thats just fine if they believe that ,so dont put others down when they are asking what proof you people have that connects you to a real native American tribe,its just that tax dollars will be spent, we are talking possibly billions of dollars every four years here on your lumbee tribe so dont expect tax payers to fork over that kind of Money without allot of Proof or Questions,Try cashing a check and you will find even that positive ID is required for everything these days!!! Even native American heritage, I dont believe all those people calling themselves Lumbee are of native American Heritage!! over 60,000 members!

dan lee

October 27, 2009, 9:18pm (report abuse)

The Lumbee are not cheraw descendants as they claim historical records do not indicate this at all,At the Close of the Yamasi war the Cheraw were dwelling on the upper Pedee near the line between the Carolinas, where their name is perpetuated in the town of Cheraw, S. C. Their number in 1715, according to Rivers, was 510, but this estimate probably included the Keyauwee. Being still subject to attack by the Iroquois, they finally-between 1726 and 1739 became incorporated with the Catawba, with whom at an earlier date they had been at enmity. They are mentioned as with the Catawba but speaking their own distinct dialect as late as 1743 (Adair). In 1759 a party of 45 "Charraws," some of whom were under their chief, "King Johnny," joined the English in the expedition against Ft Du Quesne. The last notice of them is in 1768, when their remnant, reduced by war and disease to 50 or 60, were still living with the Catawba.


November 2, 2009, 6:27pm (report abuse)

In 1930, after the release of his movie The Silent Enemy, Buffalo Child Long Lance indian identity began to crumble. His real name was Sylvester Long. He was from Winston-Salem, N.C. He was African-American. And his father was not a chief

Margaret Jones is hardly the first person to have invented an Indian self her upbringing as a half-white, half-Indian child by a black family in South Central L.A. In fact, Jones’real name is Margaret Seltzer, she did not grow up in South Centralshe’s no more a Native American than Sylvester Long .By inventing a NativeAmerican heritage, Seltzer joins a long list of fake Indians. In addition to Buffalo Child Long Lance, and passed it off in not one but three books: and Grey Owl the persona of the Englishman Archibald Belaney, who wrote and toured on the strength of his Indian inspired conservationism between the World Wars).It’s easy enough to imagine what motivates.


November 3, 2009, 6:52pm (report abuse)

it is very hard to take urban mixed people who have no real native culture show them some plains indian powows and say u are indian native american and the Lumbee group hasnt understood that alot of americas have some possible ancestor of possible native origins but once that positive connection such as ,language,names,places,customs artifacts etc,, is lost and you also are extremely mixed out culturally and biologically with europeans(whites)too,,you are then completely assimilated totally JUST AMERICAN thats all LUMBEES . but with this hard economy many will try to find MONEY or Benefits anywhere they can ,Even formimg a TRIBE. This Lumbee H.B.31 will cost the tax payers almost a Billion dollars every 4 years if Lumbees are federally recognized. I believe only Trail Of Tears people on the East coast should benefit from such legislation and the LUMBEE werent considered even by pres,Andrew jackson back then for removal because they are not honest True native American tribe .Wado


November 6, 2009, 4:02am (report abuse)



November 9, 2009, 4:19pm (report abuse)

I have one request for all my people that the day will come when the four winds come together and we learn united we stand divided we fall recognized or un recognized dose not change the blood or the heart as long as we turn on our selves fall for the white mans quotas and refuse to accept each other we have lost what makes us Natives for we are no better than those that have oppressed us and tried to assimilate us spent years trying to strip us of what we are and deny we exist and feed on the hate we foster among are selves we are Native American Indians not ponns in a game of our own destruction


November 9, 2009, 7:24pm (report abuse)



November 13, 2009, 2:56am (report abuse)



November 16, 2009, 9:07pm (report abuse)

people killing each other drugs ,guns ,beer, is not an American Indian problem ,ITS an American problem and look at fort hood that was done by an Arabian killin people, respect the American in Us all we need to come together as a country not give me im a Lumbee, lumbee can prove they are american but not american native indian and thats all !!!


November 25, 2009, 5:50pm (report abuse)

Lumbee say that they have been told by their parents that their ancestors were some kind of Indian and are most stubborn about it when the facts show otherwise with votes they have convinced many politicians to back them even the president without any new proof to their claim.At first the lumbee claimed Tuscorora then the lost colony of Roanoke then claimed Cherokee of Robeson county now claimed to be Cheraw or some coastal dead tribe the latest theory! without historical or scientific proof or any remnant cultural remains but for sure the european ancestry can be proven.With recognition the Lumbee will be able to claim land as reservation,have their own police and courts and act as a sovereign nation and receive close to a 800million in federal aid every 4 years also add anyone to their rolls as Native american proof of ancestry is not required for membership,this is all part of their reconition bill that the BIA cannot require them to prove Indian ancestry!! what a fraud tribe!


December 10, 2009, 11:05am (report abuse)

you want to know why we areat the back of the bus when it comes to rights that we deserve, just read PROUD2BEDINE's article, the powers to be listen to idiots like you, and see how ununited we trully are , I wish i were black or hispanic, because if you have noticed,(and based on your comments, you probably have been to busy critizing other INDIANS,) they haved been strong as a group, unlike natives, like yourself . p.s.i have been to the navajo reservation, nice trailers, RIGHT! As long as we have fools like you we will always be at the end of any rights that we deserve.So thanks to so called INDIANS like you keeping the rest of us down. and by the way i have a very good job, but thanks for your advice anyway.


December 10, 2009, 8:24pm (report abuse)

thanks Dec 10th kenmax commenter, but you still have added NO PROOF to your claim of Native American ancestry except to say that people that people are Keeping you DOWN!! It is not the power to be listened to but it is Put proof behind what you say ,there have been many fake and frauds out there in the pastand most lumbees are really majority european blood so even if a few really are part native Indian and they really believe it ,and i do believe that you believe it so not to doubt your beliefs I dont doubt you at all but Proof is what is needed in these days of fraud!! So think about that point of argument against it, Stay proud and be proud group known as Lumbee but bring on the proof because even the Lumbee DNA project has not brought Native American DNA , check out that project on the web, the lumbees DNA so far has been European and African so how can anyone think other?? tell me ?? here is the link



December 10, 2009, 8:30pm (report abuse)

hardly No American Indian DNA found among tested LUMBEES so far!!!! no surprise!!!

go to this site to see some lumbee DNA results click results tab.


look at the test results out of 400 or more only 3 have

a,b c ,d Dan which is native american or asian oriental. proof of no indian dna

D Clark

December 23, 2009, 10:32pm (report abuse)

I am a proud member of the Lumbee Tribe, I dont understand why some of you people that have Indian blood in you just want to try to put our Tribe down. If the ball was switched I would be in the fight trying to help get your recognition. It doesn't make sense. You think we are looking for Casinos when this fight has been going on before all that. We are fighting for true recognition for us and mainly our ancestors. Also WENDELL YOU ARE DEAD WRONG that proff of ancestry is not required. Get your facts straight!!

Desmond E

December 26, 2009, 3:20am (report abuse)

I think they should because they are indian and there are not any full boold indians anymore evern the cherokee are not full boold


January 4, 2010, 10:34am (report abuse)

read the lumbee bill mr.clark proof of indian ancestry is not required upon completion of roll to the BIA it is part of the lumbee bill they are blocking the BIA from the tenant of Indian law that indian ancestry is required,yes they are bill states that specifically!!!


January 6, 2010, 4:17pm (report abuse)

Opponents of the bill cite testimony from hearings on the 1956 Lumbee Act in which Congressman Aspinall asks the bill's sponsor, Congressman Frank Carlyle, what the Lumbee expect to get from the bill's passage, since nothing in the bill calls for any upkeep or expenditure. Carlyle states that "no one has ever mentioned to me any interest in that, that they had any interest in becoming a part of the reservation or asking the federal government for anything. Their purpose in this legislation is to have a name that they think is appropriate for their group" (approx. p. 7 of part 2). Then Congressman Aspinall asked Rev. Lowry if members of the tribe anticipated that, after receiving the designation Lumbee, they would come to Congress and ask for any benefits that otherwise go to Indian tribes. Lowry replied “No.” According to the current Lumbee Act's opponents, this testimony belies the committee majority's contention that the Lumbee understood the 1956 Act's intent to be recognition.

Cherokee NC

January 6, 2010, 6:40pm (report abuse)

If the so called lumbee get reconized fedarly then what would be a requirment to be a trible member? how would you tell who deserves to be a member and who dont?


January 11, 2010, 5:22pm (report abuse)

the requirement to be at tribal member is set by the tribal council of Lumbees and the current requirement is by names on the previous rolls.The BIA has been forbidden by the current lumbee bill from verifying Indian ancestry of members and proof of indian ancestry is not a Requirement to be a tribal member, thats why there s allot of oposition from Native americans and others but the Lumbee dont seem to understand this.


January 11, 2010, 10:27pm (report abuse)

Our ancestors would be ashamed of the people fighting over this mess. That is why Indians are the only race on this planet that have to show a card or as you say proof of who we are. We have people fighting for handouts and who is more indian than the other person. One day you will stand in front of the elders in heaven and have to give your reasons why you lived your life as you have. I have my proof and do not live my life behind it. I set examples for the little ones to follow and the elders to be proud of. Red Nation, NOT!!! You sound like school children and should think about your words before you throw them around at others. That really shows what kind of Indian you are. May you all find peace in your days and happiness in your homes.

Bill Johnsons

January 12, 2010, 3:51pm (report abuse)

the lumbee were not federally recognized a group of them approached the govt and asked for a name for their group and one anthropologist with no eveidence said cheraw most likely if any because of proximity not evidence,the lumbee said they simply wanted a name for their group not benefits in 1956 so they lied to the US Govt ,this group did not wanted to be treated in jim crow times like full blacks or mulattos but they were so congress withheld Indian benefits but let them adopt name Lumbee,Lumbees read the real history before commenting one way look at all the Unsupported claims such as the lost colony then cherokee then tuscorora now cheraw,how can lumbees denied their lack of proof or ties to any native group they are acting blind.Its not about how much black blood but how much lack of Indian evidence way too much to put a USA stamp on it not even a treaty or reservation or even a few customs or relics!! fraud is , no trail of tears either ,come on were not fools LUMBEE!!

stan william

January 12, 2010, 4:00pm (report abuse)

The argument here is because federal benefits arent free and the lumbee want almost 800million every 4 years if they get federal recognition and for their descendants forever, and issue CIB cards ,yes the lumbee are issuing certified degree of indian blood cards when that not possible with them as they have been for since jamestown mixed with white mostly and some negro the Indian blood is so small to non-existant as DNA has shown the lumbee so far on web sites, they are by passing the BIA process so they dont have to proove Native ancestry at all.not fair to existing tribal peoples who suffered trail of tears or treatys violated ! What treaty did the USA ever make with the LUMBEEs or whatever Croatans. these people honestly believe themselves Indian but they really are not at all just another tri racial group and native American really is not relevant here because they arent only in their minds exist the Lumbee Inventtion!!!


January 19, 2010, 9:21pm (report abuse)

Experts at the Bureau of Indian Affairs have testified that the Lumbee ties to the Cheraw Tribe are tenuous. On August 1, 1991, Director of the Office of Tribal Services Ronal Eden testified on behalf of the Administration regarding federal legislation that would Congressionally acknowledge the Lumbee. Regarding the Lumbee petition for federal recognition before the agency, the Director testified to a “major deficiency” that “the Lumbee have not documented their descent from a historic tribe.”11

The testimony also stated that the 18th century documents used by Lumbee to support its claim that it is primarily descended from a community of Cheraws living on Drowning Creek in North Carolina in the 1730’s needed extensive analysis corroborated by other documentation.


January 25, 2010, 3:26pm (report abuse)

Unlike other federally recognized Indian tribes, the Lumbee not require any common ancestry to join the tribe and the legislation does not require anyone to verify that members enrolled to the Lumbee Tribe are descendants of Cheraw or coastal North Carolina tribes. the number of Lumbees continually swells from new members being added to the rolls whenever the tribe sees fit.In fact, the bill actually limits the Secretary of Interior to "confirming compliance with the membership criteria set out in the Tribe's constitution which verification shall be completed within 2 years after the date of the enactment of this section." This provision would specifically prohibit the Secretary from ensuring that new Lumbee tribe members are actually descendents of North Carolina's historic Indian tribes. lead to the tribe increasing the number of people eligible for new federal benefits, whether they are actually ancestors of Native North Carolinian tribes or not.Lumbee arent Indians

Silva Lopez

January 25, 2010, 3:38pm (report abuse)

Spotted eagle we are not fighting over this mess but having a forum or discussion on how non-Indiginous people are joining and ripping off Native Americans benefits ,if a tribe can enroll anyone without proof of native american ancestry then we a handing what we have left back over to the same people that oppressed us Indians oroginally in the first place because some grand parent thought that they to must of had an Indian in the family too.Well the Croatan were an english settlement in the first place lost colony people so that negates you as indiginous already! Lumbee so snap!! dont get angry lumbee because you cant tie your ancestry to a historic tribe but get proof or DNA or something but even Indian DNA doesnt make one a carolina Indian and thats the Debate and reason for recognition at hand here,this isnt racist its pure Logic! The DNA states simply Native Amerind but not where from ,It could be Peru or the caribean smae DNA or even China or Indonesian have same DNA. A,B,C,

Peter jones

January 26, 2010, 7:13pm (report abuse)

In 1936, Carl Seltzer,a physical anthropologist engaged by the federal Department of the Interior conducted an study of several hundred self-identified Indian in Robeson County. They found that 80% of those identified as free people of color in the Federal censuses in North Carolina from 1790-1810 were descended from African Americans free during the colonial period. Most of those free African-American families were descended from unions between white women and African. From documenting family histories with original documents, inegg and DeMarce have traced most Lumbee ancestors and have constructed genealogies.In 1754,a surveying party reported that Anson County was"a frontier to the Indians"Cherokees. Bladen County abutted Anson County which at that time extended west into Cherokee territory. The same report claimed that no Indians lived in Bladen County which at that time contained what is Robeson County so you see the evidence does not show these Lumbee as Indigenous Native people

Ronald Chaviss

January 28, 2010, 7:03pm (report abuse)

The only debate i have ever seen a Lumbee do concerning the evidence that they are truly descended from native indigenous Indians of north carolina is they either get angry or cry and get emotional that grandma said we are part Indian and if you come to robeson we will kick you but if you say we are not indian!! well that not a logical or sensible fact Lumbee it just shows you really believe you are some part indian but doesn't prove a Thing at all !! All it proves is that yall angry that you cant prove it !!!! con artist often revert to anger and name calling !!! and the other excuse is well , along time ago the white settlers started calling us all Mulattos instead of Indians

..well maybe its because yall are !!


January 28, 2010, 8:41pm (report abuse)

This past October, I listened to Native America Calling and on October 31st was a special about our (Indigenous) ghost stories. A Lumbee woman was a caller (she is writing a book about Lumbee ghost stories) and she said the Lumbee call their ghosts' "haints". A Navajo relative of mine asked me about this and after consulting with African American friends of mine (and confirmning what I already knew), I was able to confirm beyond a doubt that yes...THE LUMBEE ARE TAKING THE AFRICAN NAME FOR GHOST AND USING IT AS THEIR OWN NAME FOR GHOSTS'. Are African Americans in the south upset about this.....I think so. It also gives a false impression among INDIANS west of the Mississippi that this tribe took something from another culture and used it as their own. CULTURAL VAMPIRES ARE WHAT I CALL ANYONE OR A GROUP WHO TAKES FROM OTHERS.

Beth Robertson


January 31, 2010, 7:38am (report abuse)

To be considered NATIVE AMERICAN all you need to proove is existance before the United States was formed, and the People banded as Lumbee and the Croatan, are documented prior to the 1600's making them NATIVE AMERICANS, blood isnt an issue, dna, isnt an issue. fact is navajos are MEXICANS, but they are recognised as Native Americans. The current DNA search for the Croatan has shown the existance of these people who predate columbus, most likely Tuscarora Natives and Norse Vikings mixed. Someone asked why the Lumbees were not included in the trail of tears, its a simple answer, some were, many fled to the swamps of the lumber river and hit there for many years. The Lumbee are in part Cherokee as the Cherokee are a NATION, not a TRIBE, a NATION can be made up of MANY TRIBES, much like the SENECA NATION being made up of 5 TRIBES.

Honestly people.. you are better to remain silent and be thought a fool.. than to open ur mouth and remove all doubt. Educate before you adjudicate.


February 1, 2010, 4:34pm (report abuse)

shire offers no proof still the LUMBEE didnt exist until the 1950's they are a triracial group seeking tobecome federalrecognised as a new tribe because previous attemts to have the government label as a tribe has failed but congress did only give the group a name bowing in from political pressures in the 1950's so go re-do your research and you must be a Lumbee because you are Biased in your opinion.I do beleive the lumbee believe they are descended from some unknown tribe but belief doesnt make a fact!The lumbee have no ties to any pre-colonization era tribe and the cheraw connection is also not based on any evidence scientific or historical.I believe the Lumbee to be descended from Jewish or portuguese sailors and maybe moors sailors they were taken to that area and the name Chavis,chaves is spanish portuguese a common lumbee name and being descended from the lost colony means your not indigenous any more people the croatan colony was ENGLISH not indigenous we tax payers arent dumb.


February 1, 2010, 8:48pm (report abuse)

we are Croatan, no lost colony ,no cherokees of robeson county, no tuscorora ,no i mean coastal indians, no i meant mulattos. oh what i really meant was kuyawee ,oh forgive me i meant cheraw ! oh yea thats it !! I think this one might work better since there aint no cheraw left, Okay so were cheraw lumbees now!! What the heck, okay lets plains indian dance and create a powwow ,okay just copy some out west tribe and scream How!how! okay thats a lumbee word ! how pale face! oh im a paleface lumbee too, oh lets get fire water ,this is my lumbee made up langage ,yes LANGAGE! LUMBEES are a joke and an embarassment to all Native American Indigenous peoples yall LUMS are making natives look DUM, lum rhymes with dumm.


February 3, 2010, 11:42am (report abuse)

Despite the lack of direct genealogical proof; various Department of Interior representatives such as Charles F. Pierce (1912), O.M. McPherson (1914), Fred Baker (1935), and D'Arcy McNickle (1936); various Smithsonian Institute ethnologists such John Reed Swanton (1930s), Dr. William Sturtevant (1960s), and Dr. Samuel Stanley (1960s); in conjunction with Anthropologists such as Gerald Sider and Karen Blu; all acknowledge the Lumbee as a Native American people. In the first federal census of 1790, the ancestors of the Lumbee were enumerated as Free Persons of Color. The U.S. Census did not have an "American Indian" category for non-tribal Indians until 1870. I believe this group of native americans mixed with the europeans at one point in their history and some may have mix with other races over the years but the majority are native american. This group have claimed they were indian since the 1600's even when it was unpopular to do so.

Elroy R

February 3, 2010, 7:29pm (report abuse)

yes ,please note H.R.L. even you admit there is no proof of direct genealogy,genealogist in the past would do un-scientific things like wrap your hair around a pencil to se how straight or curly it was to determine indianess and we all know that alot of what they did to determine mixed indians always favored the white breed ones like alot of cherokees and exclude the blacks based on the mother was a slave issue so dont count everything back then done as pure science buddy alot was POLITICAL favors votes ,payoffs ,corruption to get money, maybe those LUMBee were enumerated as mulatto because they really were just black and white mixtures! Thay probably claimed indian to avoid being enslaved as black blooded thats common sense you have put all the positives but havent analyzed the negatives of maybe the lumbees most of them aint indian 56,000 ,were not fools.


February 5, 2010, 4:07pm (report abuse)

Actually the term Mulatto was used for any mixed blood including white and indian mixtures. I agree that this should be looked at closely but what about the individuals that truly are indian. I think if this group has been around since the 1600's you would get a mixture of race's settling here and they would eventually marry into another tribe and /or race and some would look indian,some would look white some would even look mixed black/white and indian. This is the case here but can you argue that this isn't happening on reservations now? 1/4" of indian blood classifies most tribes why not the Lumbee?

Elroy L

February 6, 2010, 5:55pm (report abuse)

mulatto was used so was Quadrogoon and mustee but they are no longer Indian today anymore everything has been totally assimilated they are just now average americans with no proof on indigenous ancestry maybe the european can be proven the lost colony or whatever but they werent even indian enough 150 years ago thats why they werent even considered to be included in the'trail of tears" mixed people were but the Lumbees didnt exist they were created in the 1950's by a group of people looking for a name to avoid jim crow.they didnt exist 200 years ago or even in the 1600's as you stated the Lumbee is a modern invention they have no language or culture. You cannot take TRI-racial isolates and start giving them federal recognition as true indigenous Native indians,that take away from true indigenous peoples like in peru the Amazon or south mexico,Guatamala mayans Now those are INDIANS, or Indigenous peoples, we know the difference the Lumbees appear to be white or mostly european.

stanley boeth

February 9, 2010, 7:04pm (report abuse)

I agree with mr.elroy in that you cannot take a group of tri-racial isolates and let them identify as federal recognized Indian tribe because in-fact they are not and can never be Indian again,culture loss,language loss,Dna loss, = Not indigenous any more!! pretty simple this logic regardless of emotion its like a chihuahua is no longer a wolf ever if its ancestor was you can never identify that dog as wolf again,,get it right LUMBEE group, 4 get it!!


February 17, 2010, 8:14pm (report abuse)

In 1954

During consideration of the bill in the House, the purpose of the bill was thoroughly discussed between Members of Congress and representatives of the Lumbee during a hearing:Mr.Aspinall,the next question would be: What benefit would they expect to get from this? Just purely the name Lumbee Indian Tribe' does not appear to me to give too much importance to it,unless they expect to get some recognition later on as members of some authorized tribe,and then come before Congress asking for the benefits that naturally go to recognized tribes.

Carlyle.No one has ever mentioned to me any interest in that, that they had any interest in becoming a part of a reservation or asking the Federal Government for anything.Their purpose in this legislation is to have a name that they think is appropriate to their group.they were interested in having a name that would have,they think some significance.

Billy G

February 22, 2010, 3:28pm (report abuse)

according to the new 2010 Lumbee enrollment standards, why are the Lumbee considering everyone on the tribal rolls blood Quantum as 4/4 or 100% Lumbee Indian, no one can be 100% anything these days especially not such mixed people as Lumbee when it comes to blood Quantum.Wow the Lumbees are purer than even Mississippi choctaw and Navajo ,well see what happens when you invent a tribe you can event everything else!!


February 22, 2010, 4:06pm (report abuse)

Lumbee a matter of their overstating their Indian ancestry.I would not be surprised if DNA testing showed they have next to zero Indian ancestry.All their families came there from Virginia where most have proved white and African ancestry:In 1754 the Governor of North Carolina ordered all counties to count Indians in their areas.Colonial Bladen County which encompassed present-day Robeson surrounding counties reported there were none in the county.The Bladen colonial tax lists contain the Molato familes Hayes,Cumbo,Johnston,Overton, Carter,Goan,Walden,Ivey,Lamb, Wilkins,Sweat,Braveboy,Kersey, Clark,Cheeves,Chavis,Hammons, Groom,Locklear,Lowry.There is one Indian taxable in 1768:Thomas Britt.Britt family is neither one of the present day nor colonial Lumbee families.There is no mention of the word indian in the entire colonial,state record of Robeson County to the Civil War.1773 the county reported that there were a bunch of free Negors and Mullatus rogues living on the Kings land.


March 8, 2010, 3:06am (report abuse)



March 8, 2010, 3:10am (report abuse)



March 9, 2010, 9:24pm (report abuse)

yes we know that you guys are white also and not indian ste oxendine and you cannot prove you are of indian your Indian claims are self identified show us one document that shows Indians in that area before the late 1800s because you cannot it shows only mulattos and those mulattos later self identified as indian to avoid discrimination as Blacks or mulattos one cannot avoid that by claiming to be the largest tribe and Indian because you Lumbees are really just black and white mixture it has been DNA proven already so stop posing as indigenous your not Lumbee and thats why u have no language or artifacts to go with your claim as Croatan and yall definitely aint Cheraw and its easy to pick a dead tribe as your ancestors but Lumbee still have no Indian connection, heritage ,treaty,no historical documents not created by Lumbees themselves,artifacts language,crafts,burial sites, absolutely nothing!!


March 10, 2010, 10:47am (report abuse)

Pembroke is located at 34°40′55″N 79°11′45″W / 34.68194°N 79.19583°W / 34.68194; -79.19583 (34.681949, -79.195765).[3]

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 2.3 square miles (6.1 km²), all of it land.

[edit] Demographics

According to the 2000 census,[1] there were 2,399 people, 961 households, and 611 families residing in the town. The population density was 1,023.9 people per square mile (395.8/km²). There were 1,043 housing units at an average density of 445.1/sq mi (172.1/km²). The racial makeup of the town was:

88.90% Native American

8.15% White

2.20% African American

0.54% Asian

0.00% Pacific Islander

0.53% from other races

0.70% from two or more races.

Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.08% of the population.


March 10, 2010, 8:31pm (report abuse)

the census is a Self-identifying questionnaire not a factual analysis.The people are asked what race by census taker and you can respond any way you want so dont take census makeup as facts. Racial make up is a self-identifying on the census count ask puerto ricans and Hispanics. You may be of one race but chose your cultural identity some tribe actual ask people who have almost no Indian or are just culturally immersed in Indianess to identify on census as Indian theres allot of Wanabee tribe there!


March 15, 2010, 4:10pm (report abuse)

web sit for Lumbee DNA test results click here url below:


Upon doing further research I looked at Hundreds of Lumbee DNA results here and only 3 of a couple hundred show any Native american DNA. You can check it yourself if you are Lumbee but almost all are EUROPEAN DNA MtDna H,U4,U5,with L3 Black african being most common mtdna and among the MT-Dna , R1b1a which is a portugal or spanish and arabian DNA . E1b1a which is a Black african DNA being the most common Y-dna among the hundreds of LUMBEE tested.

The Dna results over all show majority European and African DNAs overwhelmingly with a large amount of southern european and arabian DNAs. Only a limited few show native american DNAs B-haplogroup out of Hundreds and that could be from the hispanic mixtures not necessarily Carolina Indians.


March 22, 2010, 7:33pm (report abuse)

The US govt congress allowed the Lumbee leaders who had asked for a name for their group that approached congress stating they only wanted a name only and no benefits (from congressional hearing transcripts) because congress does not recognize Individuals calling themselves Indians only Tribes and because the Lumbee were not an Indian tribe all Native Indian benefits were not given or allowed. This was a simple courtesy bowing from political pressure at that time.It was suppose to just be a name not a fact of Indian heritage which is what modern Lumbee overlook.It was an attempt to separate Mulatto(black&white) persons from Full blooded Blacks during jim crow era.


March 26, 2010, 4:23pm (report abuse)

By the way your Lumbee word JUVEM,BER is portuguese JUVEM is a city in PORTUGAL the home of your real ancestors!The words combined means in Latin and arabic related Languages Ba or ber. so the

Lumbee word" JUVEMBER" or JUVEMBA" means from or by the village of Juvem in Portugal.It is also a Gullah"which is an African descended person from the Coastal areas near NS.Carolinas and Georgia.Portuguese imported African slaves to the Americas so they connect as the Ancestors of modern day Lumbees.the DNA says African(L3)majority and Portuguese/spanish/Arab(R1)of the many Lumbees tested at the Lumbee DNA project site yet in face of all the evidence which points to a European or Arab Lumbee origin, they have No Indian language spoken or even remembered,no Indian heritage,no Historical connection,treatys,reservation,no artifacts or customs!lastely no native American DNA.the Lumbee word for slingshot Juvember which is more widely used by African Americans too!!! and not Indians instead ???


March 27, 2010, 5:20pm (report abuse)

theories have been advanced to explain the origins of the Lumbee.They also contain traces of Portuguese from shipwrecked sailors,Spanish soldiers from an early colonization attemptand runaway Africans,the Lumbee deny any African heritage.Common Lumbee names Chavis,Chaves,Cheeves andCumbo are of Spanish/Portuguese origin and African.Chaves is a common Spanish Portuguese like Ceasar Chavez.Lumbee words can even be traced to Spanish Portuguese such as Juvember which means KID or young in Portuguese and Juvem is also a village in Portugal Juvem ba" means "by the village of Juvem".The Lumbee call Juvemba" a sling shot,a toy used by KIDS.The Lumbee use of the word "Pocosin" for a little swamp

which in Spanish means"LITTLE WITHOUT "Poco sin"

I hear Spanish speakers say it all the time!A swamp is little without dry land! Modern day Lumbee DNA has tested to be R1 and L3 haplo so far which arePortuguese/Spanish/African,No SUPRISE,The governor in 1754 counted no Indians in Bladen county.


March 29, 2010, 4:44pm (report abuse)

the Lumbee legislation does not require anyone to verify that members enrolled to the Lumbee Tribe are descendants of Cheraw or North Carolina tribes.the number of Lumbees swells members being added to the rolls as the tribe sees fit.the bill actually limits the Secretary of Interior to confirming compliance with the membership criteria set out in the Tribes constitution adopted on November 16,2001,This provision would prohibit the Secretary BIA from ensuring that new Lumbee tribe members are descendents of historic Indian tribes.whether they are ancestors of Native North Carolinian tribes or not.With nothing in the legislation to allow the Secretary of Interior to verify the ancestry and tribe members,the tribe roll will likely expand.the legislation does not require members of the tribe to verify their Indian ancestry,pay for benefits to individuals with unverified Indianheritage."Verification of Indian ancestry is justified for the simple reason that it is a tenet of Indian law.

Bill ray

March 30, 2010, 9:42pm (report abuse)

Lumbee DNA Results done By Lumbee's



dna does not show Native American DNA in Lumbee


April 1, 2010, 8:51pm (report abuse)

nother DNA site

the Lost Colony blogspot.com

DNA results for Lumbees Clip from site:

http:// the-lost-colony.blogspot.com

The Lumbee have long claimed descent from the Lost Colony via their oral histories. The Lumbee DNA Project shows significantly less Native American ancestry than would be expected with 96% European or African Y chromosomal DNA. The Melungeons, long held to be mixed European, African and Native show only one ancestral family with Native DNA. Clearly more testing would be advantageous in all of these projects.

WOW not much of an Indian tribe 96% European or African found!!! That is not Indigenous at all !! okay explain this Deric!!

! Yall are actually Europeans, Im sure you will ignore this your real Lumbee heritage lies in Europe and Africa!!! LUCY !! You got some splaining to do!! All the DNA projects cant be wrong!!!!


April 12, 2010, 2:10pm (report abuse)

how can these people look at themselves and see anything other than mulatto? there is no dna proof or even historical data proving anything other than fantasy or wishful thinking. these people just didnt want to be black because being black meant they didnt have full privileges pre-civil rights. its hysterical when these people have busyhair, wide noses, and dark skin... uh can we say african blood? look in the mirror and figure out why u hate what u see. we have a black president now. you dont need to pretend to be other to sit at the front of the bus. get over it and move on.


April 13, 2010, 12:05pm (report abuse)

I am who I am not what I choose to be. A true Native American is not about color of your skin or they way you talk its about culture a way of life a way of living. We as a tribe have a unique culture that anywhere in the world you may go if a lumbee is there you can spot them out of a crowd. I for one don't need anyone not even the Government to try to tell me who I am and what I'm not. You hear this crap about made up name made up name called lumbee for people that are so blind anything that was named was made up at some time were is the common sense weather. Being a Native American even from the 1700's our culture and way of life has been took from us and for the tribes that haven't lost as much as Us were put on reservations. Say what you want but No one I mean no one will never take this from ME "I am a native american in the tribe of the lumbee, born of the cummings clan. My native name known as WOLF Alot has been stripped of us True Natives but Noone will take this from me never


April 13, 2010, 12:20pm (report abuse)

Here a fact for you. define TRIBE -a social division of (usually preliterate) people

a federation (as of American Indians)

(biology) a taxonomic category between a genus and a subfamily

kin: group of people related by blood or marriage. Us Lumbee People all have kin and blood of many familes here in robeson county so according to the meaning of tribe us lumbees are considered a TRIBE. theres thousands of Oxendine and Locklears, jacobs, hunts, most of us are kin somewhere either 1st cousins to 3rd or 4th cousins. We all grow up to only make our home here in robeson county to stay close to our love ones to stay within the tribe because most of the world doesn't accept who we are must less acknowledge who we are. i ASK PLEASE STOP STEREOTYPING, before you judge me come visit me and my family and you can't call us white or mexcian, or black. If were not native amercian then what are we but only have you visit my family can you judge that.


April 13, 2010, 4:38pm (report abuse)

Lumbee Dna results from your own Lumbee Dna projects!! Your whole tribe cannot pinpoint where they belong,except for the African and European ancestry DNA,scientist and historians cannot pinpoint any native connection for Lumbee all guess work in that case.the Dna is a fact that you cannot dispute even though Lumbee do.would not like to see the Integrity of Already fully federally Recognized tribes destroyed by insertion of a newly created group based on rumor,hearsay and theory.It leaves open the pandoras Box for anyone and litigation. Recognition is about Sovereignty and laws and imposes many rights and benefits not taken into consideration such as land trust issues and (future) gaming issues.(the no gaming clause can be changed later!)hundreds of other issues not adressed in the bill.should tax payers spend close to a BILLION$$ dollars every 4 years for a group that cannot proove itself even with DNA ,a group that has no native indigenous heritage or DNA under the BIA.


April 19, 2010, 7:16pm (report abuse)

more info on lumbee origins it was apolitical move to get votes and form a voting wedge



read for yourself from wikipedia Lumbee arent Indians!!!


April 19, 2010, 7:17pm (report abuse)

In 1885, Hamilton McMillan, a lawyer and

Democratic state representative from Robeson

County, seeking to drive a wedge

between the ancestors of the Lumbee and

emancipated slaves who had combined to

vote Republican, first put forward the theory

of Indian origin. McMillan theorized that the

Lumbee ancestors were not black or Mulatto

but in fact Indians, perhaps descended from

friendly Indians who some had speculated

may have absorbed the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

McMillan went so far as to give the Lumbee

ancestors an Indian name, calling them

Croatans. McMillan’s theory has largely been

discredited and the Lumbee no longer claim

Croatan origin

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