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H.R. 65
The Civilian Contractors Engaged in Intelligence Activities Reduction Act of 2015 (4 votes »)

H.R. 4515
The Ensuring the Safety of Our Mail Act of 2016 (42 comments | 11 votes »)

H.R. 60
The Cyber Defense National Guard Act (4 votes »)

H.R. 1579
The United States-Caribbean Partnership Act of 2015 (2 votes »)

H.R. 2513
The PACE Act of 2015 (35 comments | 6 votes | 3 wiki edits »)

H.R. 57
The Equal Rights and Access for the Women of South Sudan Act (4 votes »)

H.R. 257
To provide for United States participation in the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and for other purposes (4 votes »)

H.R. 277
The Defend Israel by Defunding Palestinian Foreign Aid Act of 2015 (1 comment | 7 votes »)

H.R. 356
The Wounded Warrior Employment Improvement Act (7 votes | 4 wiki edits »)

H. Res. 37
Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives condemning the recent terrorist attacks in Paris that resulted in the deaths of seventeen innocent persons and offering condolences to those personally affected by this cowardly act (4 votes »)

H.R. 476
The GI Bill Education Quality Enhancement Act of 2015 (9 votes | 4 wiki edits »)

H.R. 530
The Unaccompanied Alien Children Assistance Control Act (4 votes »)

H. Res. 111
Calling on the Government of Iran to immediately release Saeed Abedini and all other individuals detained on account of their religious beliefs (2 votes »)

H. Res. 143
Urging the Government of Nigeria to move forward expeditiously with national general elections (2 votes »)

H.R. 1532
The Keeping our Promises to Veterans Act of 2015 (3 votes »)

H.R. 1593
The United States Ambassador at Large for Arctic Affairs Act of 2015 (2 votes »)

H.R. 1689
To prohibit the provision of certain foreign assistance to countries receiving certain detainees transferred from United States Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (2 votes »)

H. Res. 196
Condemning the recent terrorist attacks in Tunis that resulted in the tragic loss of 21 innocent lives (3 votes »)

H.R. 1843
To direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to establish a pilot program to improve access to supportive services and community coordination for families of disabled veterans (5 votes »)

H. Res. 218
Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the conditions for the United States becoming a signatory to any international agreement on greenhouse gas emissions under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (5 votes »)

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